Mentoring Program

Let Codespring invite you to a technological environment that embraces the commitment to excellence in developing software. Codespring is offering to be your professional ICT mentor and would like to equip you with the knowledge and skills required for a future software development career. You can get enrolled in our professional community by choosing the workshop that best fits your technical interests. Check out our LATEST HIGHLIGHTS from 2019!

The mentoring program is meant to raise awareness of the role and weight of practical IT training and offers students practical training experience combined with work in order to attain industry specific marketable skills. The concept of the mentor program is to ensure access to professional knowledge and hands-on experience required by active IT market participants via practical internships spent at economic organizations.

In addition to this, the program provides appropriate professional framework and consultancy for students writing their B.Sc. thesis and facilitates the transit from the academic world to the field of work. The mentor program ensures immediate professional advantage for graduate students and can be a good kick in starting a career in software programming.

 Ongoing programs:

  • Summer internships;
  • Common projects;
  • Professional supervision of BSc and MSc dissertations.
  • Preparatory courses for 1st year ICT students;
  • Training sessions for ICT students
  • Practical workshops for ICT students

There is an admission procedure and a preliminary examination for undergraduate and graduate students, as well, to determine that candidates are eligible and have the necessary technical skills to succeed. The number of vacant places for each practical training enrolment program is limited.

All technical trainings and workshops will end with a final examination. All program attendees who will successfully complete final examination are awarded with a Certificate of Achievement recognized by Codespring and by Codespring’s partner network. Attendees have more than one occasion to take the final exam. Certification examination is open to everyone: one is eligible to take the certification examination even if he or she wasn’t enrolled in the program.

In most of the cases there is a dependency between enrollment programs: one cannot enrol into an advanced level, without having completed the level inferior to it.

Given the fact that all candidates have different knowledge backgrounds, Codespring will organize three to four consultancy sessions for each and every type of technical training to offer professional guidance throughout the entire period of the training.

Practical Training for ALL CATEGORIES [ coming soon] 

Training Schedule

The training itself will be scheduled during the weekends according to the agreed dates. The information will be communicated by email to the accepted participants.

Common Projects

Teams with 3 to 5 candidates are welcomed to apply for the common projects. Candidate teams will be supervised and guided by experienced project managers throughout the entire period of the workshop. Common meetings are scheduled on a weekly basis to house Q&A sessions.

If you plan to apply for one of our common projects it is advisable to en-roll in our trainings.

Summer Internships

Codespring encourages long-term summer internships lasting from 2 to 3 months. Candidates showing outstanding professional results will be granted a Codespring scholarship for their summer internship projects. To get enrolled in the Codespring summer internship program you need to apply with a professional cv and pass our interview successfully. When applying for a summer internship to Codespring it is an advantage if you have previously been taken part in our mentoring program. Topics and development projects of summer internships will be set together with the internship coordinator.

Professional Supervision and Coordination of BSc and MSc Dissertations

Professional Supervision and Coordination of BSc and MSc Dissertations is ensured by Codespring trainers and project managers, in close collaboration with lecturers and professors of the Babeș-Bolyai University. Regular consultancy meetings are held on a weekly basis. As Codespring encourages participation at the Students Scientific Conference, we therefore assist with professional guidance the preparation of the students for such conferences. Participating at our common projects and getting enrolled in our summer internship program is a real advantage for students applying for professional supervision and coordination of BSc and MSc dissertations.

Should you have questions about any of the trainings or workshops, please don’t hesitate to write us at hr@codespring.ro. Our colleagues will be more than happy to assist you with advice. If you would like to know more about the program, please visit edu.codespring.ro/

The Codespring Team wishes YOU all the best in your academic and professional career! We hope that we can welcome you soon at our company!