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“Spotting Talent” anchors at Electrotech 2010

On the 25th of November 2010, 10.00 a.m.,  Codespring has the honor to invite all interested students to attend our workshop at the Technical University from Cluj-Napoca. Our “Spotting Talent” Autumn HR campaign continues with our traditional presence at the ELECTROTECH 2010 event, organized by OSUT (The Technical University Student Organization).

OSUT is a local NGO aiming to promote and defend the rights of all students at the Technical University in Cluj-Napoca. Additionally OSUT is actively involving its members and sympathizers in various volunteer and educational projects.

ELECTROTECH is one of these projects, consisting in two weeks of meetings, seminars, and workshops held in partnership with major local companies. The main goal is to facilitate interaction between future graduates and their potential employers. Secondly, practical workshops allow technical students to get in touch with real study cases and obtain information about the most widely used technologies and methodologies.

Codespring team will make a brief presentation of our current company profile, major software development projects and will try to involve you in a practical workshop. During our meeting all type of mobile phones, laptops, mini-laptops and various accessories ARE heavily allowed.

Once again, having an updated Résumé is recommended. Our HR specialist will mark the closure of our meeting by announcing Internship Schedule for 2010-2011 and ways you can apply for future openings at Codespring.

Codespring is looking for talented people to join its technical team. You have a chance to stand out and leave a good impression!

Meet you at ELECTROTECH 2010, on the 25th of November!