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2018 Automated Testing Trainees Rock!

We are proud to announce the successful closing of the 2018 Codespring’s Automated Testing Training Program. Rolled between the 10th and 31st of July, the aim of this program was to unveil the principles, means and tools of delivering high quality, exceptionally reliable software. The shift towards process automation is the foundation to rapid software development. Therefore Codespring software development team is proactive in preparing the mindset and skills to move more testing on the developer side.

What did Automated Testing Training at Codespring Cluj Cover?

Our trainees had a wide array of topics to address and learn during the automated testing training in Cluj-Napoca.  Starting with the thinking about what needs to be tested, understanding what is tested and why, up to how to achieve better testing and automation processes – this training challenged students to go starting with backend system,  through UI level and API level testing, through web and mobile testing and to embrace DevOps.

In brief, the Automated Testing Training included:

  • Quality assurance and testing by software lifecycle
  • Automated building systems with Gradle for Java and Android , Webpack for web apps
  • Unit testing, frameworks, dependency management and coverage for Java and ReactJS
  • Rest API testing with Postman and SoapUI
  • Web E2E testing with Selenium Webdriver
  • Mobile E2E testing with Espresso for Android
  • DevOps with Docker containers and CI with pipelines

Who Attended the Automated Testing Training at Codespring?

After a selection process started in May, a set of nine students from the elite institutions – Babeș-Bolyai University and the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca – were admitted in the training. We congratulate them for the involvement and openness to dive into the automated testing subject.

Trainers from different departments at Codespring by SOFTECH were involved in the training and some hard questions were answered.

Why is Automated Testing Crucial for the Software Development Process?

Since the demand for good yet fast software delivery is increasingly higher, there are key aspects that we must consider.

  • How good is our programming? How can we improve it?
  • What is consuming our testing time? Can we reduce testing time by automating some tests?
  • Continuous delivery and continuous integration must go through integration test. How do we get faster feedback?
  • Faster release cycle – Fine on the development side. However, how do we make testing more agile?
  • Is every test tool bringing value to the software product and the business? How can we make sure it pays off?
  • Does the testing team understand what they test and why they do it? Would a better understanding of what is tested – as it is often the case of AI apps – result in better testing processes and solutions?

At Codespring, as other fellow software experts, we concluded that Automated Testing could definitely bring more value to the overall software development lifecycle and faster release requirements. Done correctly and with the right algorithms it may be one of the most resourceful areas for creating more business value.

What Next?

A summer internship program will follow the Automated Testing training, so that Codespring Trainees will have the possibility to learn and exercise the training elements in real projects.


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