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BileTel Cluj: Use Your Smartphone To Buy Your Cluj Public Transportation Ticket!

Biletel Cluj_Logo19.06.2014: Starting today, the people living in the Cluj-Napoca urban and metropolitan area can easily pay their bus, trolleybus and tram tickets by using the newest and most comfortable smartphone application: BileTel Cluj. Consecutive to the recent Cluj-Napoca City Hall’s ticket payment system via SMS, Nagy Gergő – a young programming student who is attending our Codespring Mentoring Program, has developed in a record time the application that favors smartphone users. Currently BileTel Cluj is available for Android.

BileTel Cluj

The application allows people traveling in Cluj to pay via their smartphone the one-trip single-line tickets or daily all-line tickets. The steps are easy and comfortable:

A)     For simple tickets:

  1. Select the type of ticket you want to buy
  2. Select the bus/trolleybus line
  3. Confirm the choice

Note that the tickets have limited availability durations (40, 60, 80 minutes). The purchase is confirmed via a reply SMS from the receiver.

Biletel Cluj_Codespring 1

Biletel Cluj_Codespring 2Biletel Cluj_Codespring 3Screenshot_2014-06-19-10-44-20











A)     For daily ticket

  1. Select the daily ticket option
  2. Confirm

Note that the daily tickets are available for 24 hours for all bus and trolleybus lines. The purchase is confirmed via a reply SMS from the receiver.

Biletel Cluj_Codespring 4

Biletel Cluj_Codespring 5











Tickets and their codes:


Duration and lines

Coverage Area


Line number (6, 25,  etc.) One trip, one line, 45 minutes Urban 0.5 Euro + VAT
T All lines, 60 minutes Urban 0.9 Euro + VAT
A All lines, 24 hours Urban 2,6 Euro + VAT
M40 All lines, 40 minutes Metropolitan + Urban 0.9 + VAT
M60 All lines, 60 minutes Metropolitan + Urban 1,35 + VAT
M80 All lines, 80 minutes Metropolitan + Urban 1,80 + VAT
MA All lines, 24 hours Metropolitan + Urban 4 Euro + VAT

The application can be found on Google Play at the following link:

Enjoy your ride in the city, to the office, to the university and stop being stressed whether you can buy the tickets at the station or not. Download the app, jump in the bus and pay your ticket via your smartphone.

Once again, we congratulate Gery  for this smart app and we are waiting for further developments!

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