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Codespring Days 2017: Higher Grounds

Agile Software Engineers From Cluj-Napoca Stay Agile Outdoors Too!

Codespring, the friendly team of agile software engineers from Cluj-Napoca, Romania, welcomed families and friends on this traditional event. How does an agile software engineer’s team maintain its agility? The answer is simple: by an agile imprint on outdoor activities too.  This time, the agile software engineers’ team chose Bicaz Gorges, in the Western Carpathians, as a playground. A short but intense weekend brought together new and old Codespringers.

In order to give you a few clues of what happens when an agile software engineer’s team deploys its energy outside, we will go through the main chapters of Codespring Days 2017.

Codespring Families & Friends Gathering

Over the years, it has been a pleasure to see how a little crowd of cheerleaders for our agile software engineering team grew bigger and bigger! In September 2017, we were celebrating 19 years of Codespring. A rare occasion, when the two teams from Cluj-Napoca and Odorheiu Secuiesc reunite.

Kids, toddlers, teenagers and grown-ups joined the agile software engineers’ team for the outdoor weekend. Funny stories and epic story telling spiced up the fresh air picnic, the cozy dinners and the chill-out sessions.

Hiking, Climbing and MTB – A Part of Codespring Culture

The beauty of working with different teams in the software development industry is that each has unique traits and specific triggers. At Codespring, the agile software engineers team includes mainly mountaineers and MTB riders. We naturally enjoy hiking, climbing and riding mountain bikes.

Since we are also very receptive for each individual’s needs in our agile software engineers team, we organized three different hiking tours. Everyone could enjoy the view from the nearby summit and the majestic colors of autumn in the mountains.

The next day, it was climbing day. The via ferrata lines in the region were so generous in terms of verticality, elevation, length and scenery that you could barely refrain from not climbing. To put it in a nut-shell, the Wild Ferenc via-ferrata route was a test of agility and endurance in order to reach Suhardu Mic peak of 1357 m, where the view was glorious! We are proud of all families and friends of our agile software engineers team who made it to the top!

Of course, there was a lot of fun on the Red Lake too: rowing the boats is always tricky and you need to adjust to the wind!

Keep Agile. Keep Crossing Milestones.

As a guiding thought, agility always pays off! Agile programming and agile approaches on diverse aspects of work and life proved to be righteous and efficient. We like to keep it that way, and to cross more milestones together as an agile software engineering team. It equals many more great software development projects, more interesting industry challenges to overcome and more involvement in the development of new technologies.

A short message for those who align with this mindset: we are open to sit together and talk about new projects, new cooperation and new partnerships.

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