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Codespring Company Days 2010: wondering in Padis

Hurray! After many, many hours of hard work, time was there that we sit together and just enjoy being in our team… – the perfect time for celebrating Codespring Day. Said and done. Between 2 – 4 July 2010, we marked the calendar by a  trip to Padis – in the Apuseni mountains, at “Cetatile Ponorului”(The Fortress of Ponor) chalet [lat: 46.5637 °N; long: 22.7101°E; alt: 1079 m] .

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…A lot of sunshine, fresh air, beautiful panoramas, big ferns, cliff & rocks, caves, marvelous waterfalls – are just a glimpse of these spectacular sights. Another delight was to have the “little troopers division” made of our colleagues’ toddlers.


Captain’s log, Saturday, 3rd of July 2010:

Action of the day: tracking tour from Padis /La Grajduri(The Stables) to Glavoi Meadow, climbing the Galbena (Yellow) peak, and visiting the Focul Viu (Living Fire) glaciers’ cave.

Fire test no. 1: climbing of chain – track on the abrupt, slippery rocks at the Galbena (Yellow) river’s side. Luckily everybody made it well, especially the “little troopers division” (with a little help J)….

Fire test no. 2: exploring the Focul Viu (Living Fire)Cave;

Location: the Galbena (Yellow) Valley, near Piatra Galbenii (The Yellow Rock) Peak and Cuculeul de Fier (The Iron Cuculeu) Peak , alt.: 1165 m. Special notes from Codespring crew: The access inside the cave consists in a wooden staircase; the cave is composed of 2 main rooms. The Great Hall, H: 46 m, L: 68 m, houses an impressive ice cave (25,000 m3); the cave’s glacier is the 3rd biggest in Romania, after the Scarisoara and Bortig glaciers. The Great Hall’s ceiling is  partially open in a large window, through which, trunks of trees have fallen over time, and they were beutifully trapped in the glacier’s mass.

Fire test no. 3: exploring Valea Florilor (Flowers Valley) and finding the way back. Fighting against hunger everybody got well to the final destination, especially our “dog – bodyguard”, one of our “dachshund” colleagues J.

End of the day: Since every each of us has successfully passed the fire tests, we spoiled our team with a well deserved meal, and the evening continued by watching the World Football Championships, drinking a lot of beer, and partying in the late night…..


Captain’s log, Sunday, 4th of July 2010:

Action of the day: visiting Cetatile Ponorului (The Fortress of Ponor)


Fire test no. 4: getting up! We are proud to state that in spite of the glorious party in the night we managed to meet at 11.00 a.m. J


Fire test no. 5: exploring Cetatile Ponorului (The Fortress of Ponor). Special notes from Codespring crew: Our way turned to the left and ascended a little near the dolina, getting to a rocky peak from where we had a glance at the dizzying depths. In 20 min. From the blaze separation we got to the first three balconies, then turned back to follow it’s way to Galbena (The Yellow River). We passed through a water-made path, from where we were admiring the hollow’s beauty and depth. Cetatile Ponorului (The Fortress of Ponor) has 4 balconies. Their sightseeing presented a real escapade for all those who didn’t fear heights.

Final thoughts:

The Padis adventure proved once again that Codespring crew members are fearless native explorers, including the “little troopers division” [if well fed… J ] And as a tribute to Codespring Day 2010 we mark in the history books the local legends – like “the missing white Nokia”, the “snail –heroes” and the local star: “the Bear Killing Dachsund”…

P.S.: Can’t wait for the next celebration of the Codespring Day in 2011 !!!!