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Codespring Seals Research Partnership With Babeş- Bolyai University

Codespring encourages active learning through hands-on experience: the software development and outsourcing company has established a research partnership with the Babeş – Bolyai University from Cluj-Napoca to bring entrepreneurial expectations a step closer to academic preparation.  Aiming to extend the company’s service portfolio on the local market, Codespring decided to conduct a big-scale market analysis, involving graduate marketing students into the research project.

The Cluj-Napoca based software service provider started to collaborate with Romania’s leading academic institution – “Babeş – Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Department of Marketing – in early 2010. The undertaken research projects sparked interest both from students and company mentors participating in the market investigation.

The first research project aimed to examine the user habits of young mobile phone owners in Transylvania, Romania. Key findings of the June 2010 project concluded that 75% of smartphone users are male, 20% of them change their mobile phone once a year, and Nokia is ranked 1st in the top of smartphone brands. The research brings to light evidence of linkage between academic background and smartphone brand preferences, condescending upon particulars regarding allocated budget for device acquisition, brand awareness, functional prerequisites and personal smartphone concept.

“Developing applications for various types of smartphones is part of our work, and current students are our future colleagues. That is why we encourage academic cooperation initiatives and open internship platforms for students interested in IT & C industry.” – says Walter Brem, COO Codespring.

The second research project analyzed market demand for production management systems among Romanian meat producers and processers. The study revealed that purchasing software for production management activities is a prerequisite for Romanian producers and meat processers to maximize efficiency, traceability and comply with quality requirements of the European Union in the food industry.

Major conclusions drawn from the survey convey that 48% of Romanian companies has purchased software to control the production process, 33% has implemented an automated system to align with European standards of production and 19% considered adapting a software solution for traceability reasons.

Both research projects were implemented by students of the Babeş – Bolyai University from Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Marketing Department, Hungarian study line, in cooperation with Codespring, under a European Union funded project targeting “interference of academic preparation and professional life “.

For Codespring, key findings of the undertaken research projects have  contributed to a better understanding of the Romanian local market and for the students of the Babeş – Bolyai University it ensured an outstanding opportunity to get a glimpse into how product development strategies are set forth.

Successful research projects, however, heighten expectations. Codespring is  looking forward to undertake a new research project together with the Babeş-Bolyai University  to analye the premises of launching a new  service on the Cluj-Napoca market.

The Babeş-Bolyai University from Cluj-Napoca is one of the largest higher education institutions from Romania. It is a multicultural environment, providing 111 specializations, of which 99 can be studied in Romanian, 59 in Hungarian, 16 in German, 2 in Ukrainian, 8 in English and one each in French and Italian.  With almost 50 000 students, the university  was funded in 1959 in the current organisational establishment, as a result of the unification of the Hungarian Bolyai University and the Romanian Babeş University, that has operated since 1945.