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Mobile Pulse is Racing – Smartmobil’11 Conference Report

Codespring’s management and iPhone team has returned full enthusiasm from the Smatmobil’11 Conference held in Budapest, Hungary, on the 6th of April, 2011. We were excited to be among the more than 700 participants who attended keynote speeches and panel discussions about iOS, Android, Symbian, Blackberry, Windows Phone, HTML 5.  The masterminds of the smartphone industry were on hand to share their visions, innovations and strategies for tomorrow’s mobile world, addressing the power of creativity and innovation for an eager audience. The chosen motto  – “You make life exciting!” – sums up the aim of this year’s Smartmobil Conference: 60 international and local speakers held mind-blowing sessions about how tablet PC’s and smartphones have changed our economic, business and private life.  Following the event, Codespring invites you to join us in recalling the thematic focal points of the Smatmobil’11 Conference.

In his discourse, Lassi Kurkijarvi from Sanoma Media covered the associated benefits and trade-off mechanisms of smartphone devices: they transform simple users into superheroes able to enrich their capability portfolio on a daily basis. Built-in cameras enable smartphones to translate any identified text, any song broadcasted in the radio can be recognized real time, nearby restaurant can immediately be spotted. He has emphasized the challenge of this process for media holdings and content producers.

Szabó Ákos shared his thoughts regarding possible channels of mobile marketing.  As smartphone devices are mainly sold with mobile internet and mobile application services, the question is how can advertisement be transmitted to users in an attention capturing way, without immediately being sent to junk.

The audience could also get a long checklist of questions that smartphone users and developers, as well, should consider, like:

  • Who is the target user group of smatphones, given the premises of age and income?
  • How can the intelligence of smartphones be measured and how can it comply with different user’s needs?
  • Is there any difference between iOS, Android 3.0 and Windows Phone considering the business model?

Smatmobil’11 conference has set mobile pulses racing.  The Codespring team participating at the event received a plethora of insightful information about trends in the smatphone  and tablet PC industry.

We keep a close eye on future conferences about mobile devices and platforms, as Codespring specializes in mobile application development for Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile and Blackberry. What’s more, we have developed an application for iPhone users called iSpeedCam. iSppedCam is a traffic safety camera warning system that protects drivers from costly speeding tickets and improves careless and inattentive driving habits. The application offers to be your co-pilot, producing audible and visual warnings each time you approach a speed camera while driving your car. The display indicates the permitted speed limit, your actual speed and the distance between your car and the registering camera.

To find out more about our iPhone application, please access

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