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New Release – June 2012 Edition of Codesping Company Papers Published

While stepping in the second half of 2012 the Codespring Team pointed out hot spots on the ITC market. The current edition of the Codespring Company Papers highlights the engines that propel the CEE IT market to the top of software development and ITO destinations.  In such context, this time we chose to discuss about the Outsourcing industry itself and about the Romania’s place on the market. Harsh competition with some of the well established outsourcing supplier countries, like India, is to be taken under magnifying glass. As a focus point, we have resumed Liferay Portal 6.1, one of the leading free and open source enterprise portal offering integrated web publishing and content management. A more reflective article on educational software closes the edition.

 Our Market Report addresses the following key issues:

  • Why is the CEE IT market still following an ascending trend amid global recession?
  • What names occupy pole positions on the Romanian IT&C entrepreneurship list?
  • How does the IT&C market growth reflect in the salaries?

The Industry Insights section is taking under magnifying glass the Outsourcing industry itself and Romania’s place on the outsourcing market. Main subjects covered are:

  • World’s Top 10 Outsourcing Destinations in 2012;
  • Romanian IT&C facts and figures;
  • Romanian IT&C centers at a glance – Bucharest, Timisoara, Cluj, Iasi.

In this edition, our Focus is directed towards Liferay Portal 6.1., one of the leading free and open source enterprise portal offering integrated web publishing and content management. Take a  sneak peek at what new improvements has the company made on its world leading product:

  • Greatly Improved Document Library;
  • Enhanced Publishing and Site Management;
  • Innovations in terms of platform and development.

Our Thinking Point is bringing a new educational way to your attention: the Educational Software. Some questions answered by the article are:

  •  Can an educational software improve the learning process?
  •  What impact does the digital technology have on our way of learning?
  •  Is it  beneficial to plunge children into software tools since their early childhood?

In a rapidly changing environment it is recommended that you always pin-up on your options map the hot spots of doing durable business. The message for this summer is to always keep an eye on the business dashboard, as new opportunities and solutions may be right in front of you!


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