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New Release: Codespring’s Company Papers

Striving for excellence in everything we do motivated us to offer more transparency and information about our company, our city and our business environment. “Company Papers” is a project designed to communicate, to all our stakeholders, information about specific market conditions and capabilities. We engage ourselves to share active knowledge and some of our thinking points.  Local software development market structure, particular trends and events, news about our company, various industry insights and dilemmatic subjects will be covered at our discussion table.

Highlights from the first edition:

  • What is happening in the Cluj-Napoca software development market?
  • How did IT accelerate color management?
  • How can you improve careless and inattentive driving habits?
  • Will industrial applications go mobile?
  • How much money do smartphone owners pay for their devices?

We invite you to find out more about these topics by accessing: