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NEW RELEASE – January 2013 Edition of the Codespring Company Papers Spotlights Your Attention on Fine-Tuning

The fresh streams of 2013 carry both the challenges of the unknown and the experience of the seasoned explorers. Codespring and its partners are heading towards new projects bearing in mind that the right combination of resources and processes may be the key to success. It is all about fine-tuning.

Our Market Report on the latest changes of Cluj-Napoca software development market – a living proof of the power the fine-tuning concept has – will feed you with concrete examples on how business partners succeed to meet objectives and positive outcome. We took a glance on the Cluj-Napoca IT&C landscape, identified top business investors of the city and analysed what made Cluj-Napoca the 9th Top Outsourcing Destination Globally.

Next, the Industry Insights chapter reveals the challenges of developing and testing financial software and highlights how Codespring addressed electronic banking solutions.

On this special edition, we also had the honour of interviewing a living leadership role model in the ITC field, Mr. Christoph Horstmann. In the Focus section of the current edition you will read about what a long term entrepreneur and shareholder in various companies thinks about the attitude of German IT&C executives towards the new generation working models, why does he find Cluj-Napoca attractive for software development services, what are his guiding principles and personal mission.

At the end, our traditional Thinking Point discusses the dilemma of standardization of the embedded systems and takes the shining stars of the mobile OS – iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Phone, Android – under loophole.

Enjoy reading and keep in mind that all responsibilities, processes, teams and infrastructure elements may be adjusted according to the parties’ mutual agreement. Fine-tuning is about continuous improvement and the search for highest performance.

CLICK HERE to access the 10th edition of the Codespring Company Papers.

For media inquires please contact Mrs. Tünde Székely at or 0040 726 161638.

About Codespring:

Codespring is a software development and outsourcing company from Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, Romania, active on the global market. We provide expertise in software development and deliver custom solutions and add-ons covering the entire life cycle of a complex software development project, from requirement analysis & specifications, architecture design or implementation, to testing, validation and support.

15 years of expertise in software development and outsourcing services qualify Codespring to fine tune process parameters of time, budget, quality and efficiency with with given infrastructure, human resources, security and business continuity.