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On Sports and Codespring Superman Team

Cluj software development community is quite active and interested in promoting a healthy lifestyle. At Codespring we always have felt that the Cluj software development community can grow only by securing a good work – life balance.  Even if it seems hard to achieve, we strongly promote outdoor sports and attend most of the sports events along with fellow Cluj software development colleagues.

The Superman Within

We usually practice outdoor sports like trail-running, mountain biking, hiking, climbing, skiing and snowboarding. As members of Cluj software development community, we also join traditional amateur competitions, in order to push ourselves and support social causes and sports clubs.

Over the years, we used to enroll under the Codespring Superman Team as our guiding philosophy is that each software engineer has a superman inside, we just need to discover our inner powers.

2018 was again full of sport events and performances. We are especially proud of the colleagues who barely start engaging in sports on one side, and of the colleagues who constantly train and attract others too in the beautiful human activity of sports.

Running Is a Loved Sport within Cluj Software Development Community

Codespring runners had again a good season start. Zsolt Vadászi and Attila Farkas ran the spectacular 42k (marathon) race at the Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon in April organized by our partner Runners Club.

From the new generation of runners’ perspective, we are proud to announce that our group is growing too. We had one participating family at the family race from Get Fit with Garmin sports event in June

Cluj Software Development Community Embraced MTB as One of the Top Sports

Codespring and fellow Cluj software development community’s members fancy riding the bike on short and long distances, up and down hill.

This year, it seems that Codespring Superman Team had an amazing MTB season start. A great team of 8 bikers and 2 junior bikers attended the traditional Banca Transilvania MTB UCI Marathon in May.

Matis Anikó grabbed the 1st place at the 25 km challenge race of Banca Transilvania MTB UCI Marathon. Hurray! and congratulations for the nice result! We always knew you are a champion! J

A great round of applause for Jakab Szabolcs Tibór who pedaled the 75 km race. …And a pat on the back for the team who went for the 46 km MTB race: Kovács Tibór, Barta Zoltán, Erdődi Zoltan, Szélyes Levente, and Nagy Ákos.

Another nice performance was achieved by Tibor Kovács, ranked 18 at the challenging XCO race on the scenic Fortress Hill from Cluj-Napoca, during the Get Fit with Garmin Race in June.

Cluj Software Development Community also Supports Triathlon

Few know that Cluj software development community is actively promoting multisport events such as the Tarnița swimming marathon and the Endurace Triathlon. Codespring team is also a fan of multisport events such as triathlons.

Both endurance and speed are need in the classical competitions – swimming, cycling and running. We are happy that our colleagues joined again the half-distance of the Romania’s iron-man competition – X-Man Oradea.

For the upcoming hottest month of the year, we follow with great interest the participation of our Codespring Superman Team at the featured sport events.

Stay tuned and see you soon at the START line!

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