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Programming │ Codespring Summer Internship 2020

Programming is at the core of Codespring software development company from Cluj-Napoca, therefore programming is the key topic studied during the Codespring Summer Internship program. Although the general pandemic context in Romania forced everyone to work remotely, we are glad to inform you that we managed to successfully conclude the Codespring Summer Internship for programming skills, in a 100% online format.

Who attended our programming projects during the Summer Internship?

After the final selection and interviews, 18 bright students were recruited from different study years: 2nd, 3rd and 4th university year, post-university studies as well.

Since this year we had to work exclusively remote, with online tools and platforms, we are also happy that our students could join us from several counties across Transylvania: Bihor county, Sălaj county, Mureș county, Harghita county, Cluj county, Covasna county and Baia Mare county.

What is new and different from the previous years, is that this time we were honored by the partnership with three major universities from Transylvania, Romania:

  • Babeș-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca with its Mathematics and Informatics Faculty,
  • The Technical University from Cluj-Napoca with its Faculty of Automation and Computer Science
  • Sapientia University with its Târgu Mureș Department

From Codespring side, we were proud to count 21 mentors, all software development engineers ready to share knowledge and guide the young students in their work.

We particularly appreciate the wealth of technology topics that the mentors proposed via nine practical programming projects.

What programming skills were acquired this summer?  

Naturally, becoming a top programmer requires both hard skills and soft skills. Each must be developed since the early professional life in order to excel in the later career.

  • The hard skills category is at this moment the most critical one. First, each student has to experience how any learned concept can be applied to practical problems. The programming languages included in the internship curricula covered Python, Obective C, Swift, Java, TypeScript, Kotlin and JS. The mentees had to work with several popular frameworks such as Android, iOS, Angular, React, React Native, Spring, .NET, NodeJS.


  • The soft skills category was put to test in terms of communication abilities, team work, presentation abilities, self-resilience, patience, empathy, creative thinking, abstract thinking and logical thinking.

How did our young programming students appreciate the internship?

Based on the feedback received from the students, we learned that they really felt a realistic approach and a sense of responsibility imprinted by the mentors. It has been recorded that the teams had a sense of independency in work, which outlined the autonomy and self-organization of the team.

The students have frequently stated the importance of the guidance from theier mentors and the beauty of each challenging task. This translates into a context where each mentee had to think by him/herself and to cooperate with peer project colleagues in order to get to the right solution.

Even if they are all remote, based in their home-cities, we definitely miss each student who has so enthusiastically participated in the internship!

Nevertheless, Codespring goodies are on their way and we hope to have you soon involved in new projects and initiatives! Congrats!

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