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Social Portals – Your Digitalized Personal Life

Social media is a big buzzword in the world of internet marketing. It is used as an umbrella term for using the computer-mediated communications (including blogs, microblogs, wikis, podcasting and video / media libraries and older forms such as forums and instant messaging, as well) channels as new forms of media. Social media includes various activities that integrate technology, social interactions, and the construction of words and pictures, using internet and web-based technologies to transform broadcast monologues (one to many) into social media dialogues (many to many).  Some social portals are globally used (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), whereas others are country or region specific.

Emerging Trends in Social Networking

Social portals use a centralized network communication model, built on the principle of aggregation, to reach massive addressable audineces. Social networking is an outstanding customer relationship management (CRM) tool for companies selling different products or services. Business owners are flocking en masse to social media to create brand awareness and promote their brands. Using social networking sites, companies connect directly with customers in order to increases the reputation of the company, get positive reviews and show that they really care about the customer.  It also gives a human face to large corporations, making customers or potential customers will feel much more comfortable coming back. Moreover, enterprises not only drive traffic to their own online sites, but in the same time they encourage their consumers and clients to to have discussions on how to change or further develop products or services. Brands need to engage users through contests and giveaways. Numerous studies have shown that incentives are the primary reasons that many customers opt to follow a brand on social networks. Depending on the industry in which a company serves, discounts, promotional products and free advice are all great ways to bolster a brand’s social presence.

Social media marketing is a trial and error business: as content uploaded to the internet can never be deleted, one has to be cautious and do a lot of research before sharing contetnt on the world wide web. First and foremost, the social networking platform is also an opportunity for B2B interaction: it can perceived as an online reputation management tool for learning about new technologies and competitors. It is often used as a lead generation tool to intercept potencial prospects.

Real-time web messages are excellent way for companies to target candidates and find their next hire. As a recruiter you need to pe present where qualified, talented and largest pool of applicants are. Human resources can leverage social media to tap in to potential recruits. This type of head hunting is called social recruiting. It’s about engaging with users and using social media tools to source and recruit talent.

Developing Social Portals

Creating a social networking site is not an everyday investment. The creation, promotion and management of such a site can be very complicated. The good news is that you do not need to have a programming background: you can hire specialists or simply outsource social portal development to software companies undertaking outsourcing projects.

FaVivo – It’s your life.  In one place.

FaVivo is social portal developed by Codespring. It is a family/group based social networking platform, launched in early 2011 in Danish and English languages. 90% of registered users are from Denmark. To ensure fast access to group information anytime, everywhere, the web application is iPad and iPhone compatible.

Every social network addresses a different and distinct human need. Some fulfill social needs (developing friendship), some target business purposes (collaborating to make a decision and/or to achieve a business objective), others are willing to provide entertainment or learning (discovery of unique and interesting experiences that earn social attention). And while networks tend to have a primary purpose, it is also true that many networks support multiple purposes.

FaVivo proposes to gather groups sharing different interests and activities by activating team spirit and excercising teamwork. One of its innovative features is personalized group management. This feature enables the group owner to decide what rights should different group members have. This means that the person who called the group to life can set the rights regarding which group user can only view group information , who can edit content, upload pictures, documents, create shopping lists and link directories, fill out the calendar. The owner has full control of the group and promotes this way seamless collaboration.

Moreover, real time collaborative editor enables real time information distribution. This means that when two group members from the same group are editing information in the same time, everybody from the group is able to visualize modifications instantly, without the need to refresh the session. FaVivo features an advanced microblogging system: users can introduce notes, personalize it with chosen formatted text, add or delete pictures, leave a reply and visualize or hide existing replies.