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Win daily an iSpeedCam License for your iPhone!

Do you have an idea for applications run on Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile or Blackberry? Ask Codespring for a quote! Share your ideas with us and shape your mobile project with the Romanian professional team!

In exchange, you can win daily a free iSpeedCam license for your iPhone during the CeBIT 2011.

Just, drop by and leave your business card in the luck jar in Hall 5, Booth B48!

Thousands of happy iPhone users have purchased iSpeedCam from the Apple Store to accelerate safely throughout their daily journeys. The on-hand software solution takes necessary security measures to avoid speed tickets. A few reasons that made iPhone drivers purchase this application: it alerts for most Traffic Cameras, gives access to a worldwide camera database, and enables graphical GPS tracking, reading metric and imperial unit systems and you can integrate it with Google maps.

iSppedCam is a traffic safety camera warning system designed for iPhone users. The Codespring solution was launched in 2009 to protect drivers from costly speeding tickets and to improve careless and inattentive driving habits. The application offers to be your copilot, producing audible and visual warnings each time you approach a speed camera while driving your car. The display indicates the permitted speed limit, your actual speed and the distance between your car and the registering camera. You can simply sit back and enjoy driving your way with iSpeedCam.

The CeBIT 2011 fair gives you a valuable opportunity to enter the competition and win daily a free iSpeedCam license for your iPhone. All you need to do is look for Codespring in Hall 5, Booth B48 and drop your business card in the luck jar placed on our trade fair desk.

We look forward to seeing you at CeBIT 2011, in Hall 5, Booth B48.