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IT Security

Computer technology has a core part called IT security. We can consider IT security as an important aspect regarding its application to both computers and the entire network infrastructure as well. Computer security can be defined as the total amount of actions taken for the purpose of assuring seamless protection of information and property from threats coming mostly from sources like theft, corruption or natural disaster, all this in a way to maintain the information and property accessible and productive to its targeted users. Computer security involves a number of collective processes and mechanisms that safeguard sensitive and valuable information and services from publication, tampering or collapse by unforeseeable means like unplanned events, unauthorized activities or untrustworthy persons. The main purpose of computer security is to prevent unwanted computer behavior and it does not actually target facilitating wanted computer behavior.

IT security must not be neglected. It is a matter of protecting your business and your clients confidentiality. Implemented within our companies and our direct customers, we can offer you:

Physical Security Access Control System

One of the most important part of IT Security plan is the Physical Security Level. Material safeness is crucial for any software development endeavor. Enabled access control system prevents undesired access to equipment. Before beginning any project we think out various solutions for implementing a physical security system. For the safety of your system access we can provide the following solutions:: Video Monitoring, Door controlling system with Wireless Radio systems, Proximity access system with RFID solutions. Another important solution for security is the alerting system for unauthorized access in buildings. We have set up a physical security access control system at the company’s offices. The system gives entrance permission into the office building and offices only to employees owning a magnetic card. Moreover, there are offices requiring a higher level of security (server room) where entrance is allowed only to designated people. In both cases a monitoring system is used for supervision, which enables follow-up actions on the entrance records.

Network Security

Nowadays, Network security became the most important part of security in all companies. Since business information is stored and shared digitally (e-mails, files and presentations) it needs to be kept safely from external intrusion. Today’s IT networks are like old days doors. Our team is dedicated to deliver high network security solutions based on firewalls, monitoring and delimiting access to information’s for specific areas. We carefully customize existing solutions for each situation our clients may face. Warranty for equipment and men work is assured, , with a high level of confidentiality. We use several monitoring systems for follow up of the network infrastructure and network traffic. These monitoring systems will alert assigned persons via e-mail and sms about any upcoming error or network anomaly in order to assure adequate reaction beforehand an error is likely to occur. In addition to this, we have built a multilayer security system: computers are linked/organized in VLAN chains, we provide VPN access to our clients via Cisco routers, we filter network traffic based on MAC addresses and with the help of Application Firewalls. We assure self-dependent functioning mode for the servers, to enable their network independent functionality, reserving place for them in a DMZ belonging to separate security level.

Information Security

The digitally stored information today is vital for the company’s life. Now, in the era of high speed information exchanges we need robust, reliable and safe solutions to share and access digitally stored information.

Information Security Components, or qualities, i.e., Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA).

In terms of confidentiality by role, with some advanced products we can delimit access to information by departments and continue with more granulated user level access. Whenever companies need to encrypt the information for better security, we can provide solutions for this area too.


We pay special attention to data integrity by following-up underwent changes on a daily basis. In addition to this, we make several snapshots in the same day to able to trace back changes occurred in the course of the day and to be able to restore data upon need.


We dispose of redundant network infrastructure and database in order to have a better access to data, to assure for our clients uninterrupted working conditions and continuous access to information.

Business Continuity

 „Business Continuity sounds good but it’s not important” say some company owners, yet they don’t think of its major importance. What happens when one or more managers leave the company? What happens when some unplanned events occur? In this case the company loses the information, because only these people are in the possession of it. Such undesired events can be prevented by Business Continuity solutions and some more. These solutions are specific for every company, depending on the dynamics and necessities of each company. A common part of BC is the digital information accessibility by other interested parties, communication tracking, document, security and change management. Another important aspect of the BC is the good planning and evaluation of current situation, the disaster or critical scenarios and policies planning. Having a wide experience in Business Continuity insurance, the Codespring team can build up systems in order to prevent total or partial information loss. Backups, access controls, hazardous information leak blockage, helpdesk system, communication security policies and storage policies cumulate a number of classic measures for delivering Business Continuity for any company or any outsourced project. The backup solution is one of the most important step in Business Continuity. We can provide specific backup options beginning from RAID solutions, TAPE solution to relocated stored solutions (NAS, SAN, iSCSI). We have elaborated a disaster recovery plan to quickly resume operation-critical problems and to assure that unanticipated errors will be overcome in the shortest time possible. In order to prevent incidents beyond our influence we use redundant internet connection and our servers are connected to uninterrupted power supplies. These safety measures are taken to assure permanent connection with our clients.