Web Development

Cluj, web development and Codespring make a good match. We develop custom made portals to fit your business needs. Web development is technically creating distributed network applications that are run over the HTTP protocol from a web server to a web browser. In Cluj, web development projects aim to provide high quality web design, to generate easy to use portal administration panels and to create user friendly interfaces.

Web Programming

Web programming represents the effective coding of the functionalities of a website, a web portal or other multimedia designed for web-enabled software. It is a matter of the back-end team to provide this type of work. Depending on the final web product / web application, web programming can reach unimaginable complexity, as it has been recently shown by the social network platforms. Our team of professionals in Cluj for web applications developed in Java uses Tomcat Server. They are modularized and parameterized based on Apache Turbine Framework together with Apache Torque (back-end) and Velocity Macro (front-end). The used database management systems are PostgreSQL and MySQL.

The portals we have developed are done in PHP frameworks like Drupal or WordPress, or using Java Technologies (Vaadin, JSP, Velocity). We have various domestic portals in our portfolio.

Our team of professionals is mastering overall aspects of web programming. It is an activity that is a must-have in today’s programming. Codespring code of excellence strives for always being up to date to the latest developments, implicitly in web development.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We all agree that the higher a certain website appears in our search list, the more visitors it will have, therefore a better rank and a stronger web presence will be achieved. Accordingly, SEO stands for the process of improving the traffic on your website, either in quantity, or in quality. As a SEO target you may wish to improve local search, image search, video search or vertical search (a search within the industry you act in). Feel free to choose Cluj for web development services and search engine optimization. A multitude of strategies will be presented and explained to you. Exact results can be monitored in the established time. You don’t need to travel to Cluj for web development services or search engine optimization, just drop us a line about your business needs and will get back to you immediately.

Web Design

Web Design is one of the most spectacular activities on the web! In Cluj web development is regarded as the perfect combination of art with science towards achieving eye-catching graphical visualization, with sound conceptualization, planning, modeling and media delivery through the internet in the background. If graphical design, relevant content and logical functionalities are powered by state-of-art technologies needed for representation and delivery of media content via the internet, in Cluj the web presence of your company is in best hands. Quality web design can insure you a great deal of web-presence and a step ahead for good business. This type of design may be defined as a form of graphic design used for developing and styling object for world wide web, or other web-powered software: internet television, blogging or RSS. It may involve a complex of other fields as: graphic design, animation, human-computer interaction, information architecture, communication design, and so on. Best web-design results from the combination of multidisciplinary teams, working with high-level creativity management tools and per-formant technical equipment.

Even if few of the general public realizes it, programmers have to work tightly with web-designers and end-users in order to achieve high-performance interfaces for the products they are building. The front-end team will also have to manage the ergonomics, aesthetics and usability of the interface that will be in direct contact with the end-users. Our professionals from Cluj in web design are forming an outstanding team with our front-end and back-end programmers