Software development technologies are of major impact on the final products or solutions. Over the last 16 years of work in full software development life cycle, Codespring has shown outstanding performance ability to deliver top notch solutions developed with diverse software development technologies, platforms and tools.

Software development technologies are permanently being monitored and learned by our software engineers. The purpose is to be always among the top software development teams. Based on our concrete experiences we also promote software development technologies that revealed to be of stunning success.

Software Development / Technologies & Programming Languages:

Desktop Applications
Operating SystemsWindows, Linux, MacOS
Programming LanguagesC/C++C#, Visual Basic.NetJava
TechnologiesDirectX, DCOM, ATL, MFC, Winsock, CPPUnit, GDL, SNMP, LDAP, STL.NET 4.0, ADO.NET, Remoting, WPF, WWF, nUnit, ReportingJ2EE, Spring, Hibernate, JBPM
Mobile Applications
PlatformsiOS, Android, Windows Mobile, JME
Programming LanguagesObjective CJavaC#HTML5, CSS, Java Script
TechnologiesiOS SDK, CoCoaAndroid SDK, J2ME, BlackBerry SDKWindows Mobile SDK, OpenNetCF, Symbol Mobility SDK, Platform Builder, .Net CF 3.5Phonegap
Web Applications/Services
Application ServersApache Tomcat, Jboss, IIS 7.0
Programming LanguagesC#, Visual BasicJava
TechnologiesNET 4.0, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, WPF, WWF, WCF, WebService, SilverLightJ2EE, JSP, Velocity, Struts, Tiles, Vaadin, Hibernate, EclipseLink (JPA) Spring, Java Web Services (Axis). Ajax, ExtJS, JBPM, Liferay, Jasper Reports
RelationalMicrosoft SQL 2010, Oracle, Solid DB, Sybase, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Access
Object OrientedVersant VOD
CompactMicrosoft SQL Compact, SQLite
Development Tools
Project managementArchitectureDevelopment
MS Team Foundation System, Jira, MS Project, eProjectEnterprise Arhitect, Rational Rose, DoxygenMS Visual Studio 2010, Xcode, Code Warrior, GCC, IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse
Version ControlTestingBug Tracking
SVN, MS Visual Source Safe, PerforceHP Mercury Quality Center, TestComplete, QuicktestMantis, TestTrack , Jira, MS TFS
Hudson, Maven, Installshield, Wixants Profiler, IBM Rational Purify +, Altova XML Spy, FxCop, JmeterGLPI, Mantis