Extended teams for software development processes must consistently deliver quality services and become a seamless extension of the client. Due to extended team models, our customers have achieved clear competitive advantage, beyond the classic cost efficiencies.

Extended team models imply an active involvement from the customer’s side in forming and developing the team. Often, extended teams have an exact predetermined purpose and must develop specific skills in a preset time frame.

As Romania, Transylvania and implicitly Cluj-Napoca have already took up the gauntlet of this process two decades ago, one will find a quite mature market for the extended team business model. Codespring has also undergone through the process and currently has a well manageable and controllable plan, able to form new dedicated teams.

Having an extended team in Cluj, namely at Codespring, will benefit professional, in-house elaborated working methods, sound expertise, good corporate culture, proven quality, outstanding technical skills, agility and experience in building client relationships.

We also take into consideration that extended teams must follow through certain evolutionary steps:

  • creating the road map (assign project manager, set the client driven guidelines, establish escalation chain, risk mitigation strategy, etc);
  • build the extended team (build according to client specification with client participation, recruit and retain, brand as client’s own and tie team’s fortune to client fortune);
  • help the extended team to deliver (leverage experience and mature processes, enhance communication processes, train and perform audits)
  • maturing the team and expanding further.