Fine tuning at infrastructure level is vital for any software development project. There are some decisions to be made at the beginning of the process and during its evolution.

First, the parties have to choose the development environment (from source code editors, build automation tools, to debuggers) and where it will be hosted. Next, the access rules will be set in place. A backup plan and version control system will be designed. Then, there will be selected a test environment and its location. Last, but not least, the type of access will be defined – VPN or remote-access.

Another important aspect that fine tuning infrastructure has to take into consideration is confidentiality. In software development confidentiality must be ensured by all means. Codespring does not make any exception. The infrastructure of the company is highly secured. The buildings where software development engineers are being situated have controlled access. Only authorized personnel can enter the building, and each individual has defined access sectors. Network communications are secured. Access levels are defined by user. Measures against potential sabotage, information warfare and natural disasters are being in place.