Why is Cluj region and Cluj-Napoca city becoming a hot spot for investors in ICT? Why is Cluj-Napoca constantly attracting outsourcing activities?

As you can see in the table below, Cluj-Napoca facts reveal a city ready to bloom on the world’s ICT map. Cluj has a wealth of resources that enable the growth of this location: growing and educated labor pool, multicultural and multilingual community, a well established academic research and development center for STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) disciplines and a renewing infrastructure. Cluj-Napoca is a historical core of Transylvania region’s economical and cultural development.

Nominated as finalist for the European Innovation Capital Awards in 2020, Cluj-Napoca continues to attract several interesting titles and awards.

According to KPMG and the Management Authority for the Regional operational Programme, Cluj-Napoca is the most attractive growth pole in Romania.

Cluj-Napoca. Facts.

Ranking: 2nd city in Romania
Location: NW, Heart of Transylvania
Population: 324,576 + cca. 100.000 students
Accessibility: International airport (26 EU and pan-EU destinations)
Academic center: 11 universities (UBB, UTCN)
IT Hub: + 800 IT companies
IT Center: 1st IT export hub of Romania
(78% of Romanian IT exports)
Software engineers: + 16000 (active)
ICT graduates: ~ 1000 students / year
R&D centers: ~ 200 research units and laboratories
Technology parks:  Tetarom I, II, III, IV
Innovation parks: Cluj Innovation City (240 ha)
Multiculturality: Romanian, Hungarian, German, Dutch, Italian, Serbian and Jewish communities
Multilingual education: Romanian, Hungarian, German, French, English languages study lines for humanities and STEM
Major Investors in ITC:  DE, UK, USA, NL, A, F, FI, SE

Cluj-Napoca Awards


European Capital of Innovation Awards – Finalist city


The best Romanian city for quality of life


European Open Innovation 2.0 City Award – Winner


Digital City – Excellence in Digitalization Award


European Youth Capital


Cluj-Napoca, the Capital of Tolerance by Eurostat


Cluj-Napoca, the Friendliest City in Europe by Forbes


Cluj-Napoca, the City with the Cleanest Air in Europe


Cluj-Napoca, the City that will Shake Up the Art World in the 21st Century


Cluj-Napoca, the most attractive growth pole in Romania by KPMG consulting company and the ManagementAuthority for the Regional operational Programme (AM POR)