In the past decade home automation and home appliance automation projects have gain importance on the global specialized industry, due to the growing number of real estate owner and developer who are interested in a smarter living style and remote monitoring. This being said probably the key terms for home automation and appliances projects have been already stated: “remote” and “monitoring”.  Being able to control your physical home equipment from the distance and to keep costs in the budget are essential for the active people and their beloved grandparents or remote friends.

Home Automation Configuration Tool

As expected setting the systems for an automated home requires a reliable and easy to use configuration tool. One of the first assignments on this project was to create a set of interfaces, localizations and assets that determine the appliance observer behavior and all necessary information to populate interfaces on the main home automation application.  This project in particular, was about complex data manipulation, creating detailed filtering options, achieving a high- performance web app and package generation.

Voice Assistant Application Development

Nowadays, the use of voice assistant enabled devices, such as smartphones, Google Mini or Amazon Echo Dot become omnipresent. The idea of turning voice commands into actions performed by our automated home appliance systems was explored since several years already. Together with one of the market leaders worldwide, we have built a system that features voice assisted appliance control, cloud to cloud communication and voice technology support.