Fine tuning team collaboration is essential the success of any software development project using remote teams. Execution effectiveness will depend on the parties’ ability to manage and align teams to the projects’ requirements. Team collaboration is difficult in any given environment. Over the years, Codespring has experienced many collaborative situations and we conclude that “collaborating teams” are more than simple “co-working teams”.

When contracting remote teams one has to consider: physical distance, communication language, cultural background, tools and environment. Fine tuning the collaboration involves establishing the contact people, defining the roles, setting the right sizes, communicating the goals and facilitating constant feedback.

We are pro-active in enhancing the collaboration between the teams as we truly believe in it. Another important aspect when dealing with multiple teams is to train the individuals for collaboration. This may be another difficult task, as it takes time and commitment from all the people involved in this particular process.

At Codespring, we strive to empower team collaboration and to always adapt and readapt.