Software development technologies are of major impact on the final products or solutions. Over the last 25 years of work in full software development life cycle, Codespring has shown outstanding performance ability to deliver top notch solutions developed with diverse software development technologies, platforms and tools.

Software development technologies are permanently being monitored and learned by our software engineers. The purpose is to be always among the top software development teams. Based on our concrete experiences we also promote software development technologies that revealed to be of stunning success.

Software Development / Technologies & Programming Languages:

Web Applications

Cluj software team
Programming Languages Java Script, TypeScript, GO, Python, Java, C#
Backend Technologies Node.JS, Nestjs, Moleculer, Spring, Hibernate, J2EE, Falcon, Django, .NET Core, Firebase, Liferay, ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework,  Next.js
Frontend Technologies React, Angular, Vue, Redux, Middlewares, CSS, HTML5, jQuery

Mobile Applications

Cluj software team
Platforms iOS, Android,
Programming Languages Swift, Kotlin, Objective C, Java, Java Script, TypeScript
Native Applications Technologies iOS SDK, CoCoa, Android SDK,
Cross-platform & Hybrid Applications Technologies React Native, Cordova, Flutter, Phonegap

Cloud Applications

Cluj software team
Cloud Platforms AWS, Azure, Google Cloud,
Programming Languages Java Script, TypeScript, GO, Python, Java, C#
Infrastructure as a code Ansible, Terraform, Shell
Cloud Orchestration Kubernetes , Openshift, Rancher, Docker
Cloud Technologies Serverless applications, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Beats, Kafka, Event Grid, Prometheus, Grafana,

IoT Applications

Cluj software team
IoT Platforms ARM Cortex, Qualcomm and ESP Platform
Programming Languages C/C++, Go,
Communication protocols HTTP, HTTPS, TLS, CoAP, MQTT, FTP, FTPS, SOAP, XMPP
Communication standards and tools UART, Active MQ, LORA,  MDNS, JMS, ActiveMQ
Technologies .Net Micro Framework, Unity testing framework for embedded system
Devices mobile phones, IoT beacons,  client specific devices, wireless devices, QCA4020, ESP32,

AI Applications

Cluj software team
AI Platform Tensorflow
Image Processing Library OpenCV
Programming Languages C++, Python

Desktop Applications

Cluj software team
Operating Systems Windows, Linux, MacOS
Programming Languages C, C++, C#
Technologies Qt, Boost, WPF, WWF, LINQ, nUnit, CPPUnit


Cluj software team
Relational Microsoft SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Maria DB, SQLite,
Object Oriented Versant VOD,
NoSQL MongoDB, Cosmos DB
Graph DB Stardog


Cluj software team
Project tools GitLab, Jira,
Test automation, Automated Builds CPPUnit, GUnit, NUnit, Gradle, Maven, NPM, Webpack, Testtrack

Lints, SONAR, Cucumber, Robot Framework, Selenium, Apium, JMeter, Nexus

Pipelines GitLab Pipeline, Azure DevOps, Jenkins