In the field of energy and power supply, Codespring software development team has quite an impressive portfolio and intense application development experience. We are happy to share some of the application development projects of the recent years, that had notable results in our customers actionable markets.

Solar Power Management System

The project was about electrical energy management of residential buildings with photovoltaic pannels, heat pumps and battery systems.  The project had to solve the electrical energy managenet needs of the users, to provide visual data represnetation, to use React Native for iOS and Android and to deliver up-to-date energy distribution statistcis.

Heating Systems Diagnosis Application

Another interesting project for Codespring was the development of a quick diganostic tool for heat recovery ventilation units on native iOS and Android platforms.The complexity of this software application development ist hat it had to handle multiple heating systems brands, to implent a system for monitoring the HRV units and design the appliance diagnostics architecture and user’s visualization tool.

Smart Grid Application Development

In the field of smart grid developments for the foundation of future smart societies, Codespring was contracted to develop a smart grid application. The application helps energy companies to manage operational processes related to sales, distribution, district heating, water and gas operations more effectively. Due to a high level of automation the system allows to better meet the challenges of storing, editing and transmitting measurement data. On the customer service side, the application provides customer and billing information.