Working At Codespring

How often did you think about what you consider to be the best thing at the company you are working for? Well, we think about it daily because we want to have a motivated and high performing team.

We discovered that there are two categories of „best thing” in working with us:

  • the important things category
  • the important and nice things category


A. The important things category

Here we include, according to the studied priorities:

People & team:  if there is something you should come and work with us, that definitely is the TEAM in capital letters. We are young, dynamic, skilled, friendly and fun. On top of all these, our leaders are experienced people always ready to raise the game.

Environment: healthy attitudes, joyful spirits and common intellectual backgrounds build a very nice and cosy atmosphere, where each individual can express its personality. Flexible working hours allow anyone to deliver work at his peak productivity time. The idea is to deliver quality work in everything we do.

Projects: interesting and innovative, they also foster international experience, research intense inputs and demand creativity.

Benefits:  these are the big reasons for which we come to work: payment, opportunity to grow a career in the profession and the benefits package: sport programs, technical trainings and soft skills trainings.


B. The Nice things category

Attitude: positive thinking, carrying attitude, friendliness are the key traits of our team members. But there is also to note that we are challenging and courageous.

Fun activities: in order to keep the good spirit around we also must spend some fun time together. Trips and adventuring, parties, sport and games are the classic cocktail at Codespring.

Open mindness: we like to keep a curious mind, a tolerant attitude and embrace the new. Different does not scare us, so you may find interesting characters around.

Possibility to grow:  in the end it is all about evolution and personal development. For this we have a mix of internships, trainings and language classes. The choice is yours.