Codespring Food Industry Expertise

As one of the fastest growing and widely encountered industry, food industry is a sector where Codespring exceeds by the range of services and products that it provides. Production control and management, sales and distribution management, integration of all business processes – are key issues for which Codespring can deliver quality solutions and systems. Since the Romanian food industry is one of the largest in Europe, our team developed a specific solution, PRODUCTIS™, successfully responding to our local customers needs. Supply, warehousing, production, quality control, packing, marketing, selling and delivering. Even if ordered differently these are the core processes a food production unit has to manage. Codespring software development team has the capacity to deliver for each one, ready made or custom made solutions. What’s more, for cost efficient stakeholders we designed the access to these solutions on a „SaaS” (software as a service) concept.

Productis helps food companies lower costs, improve food safety, and manage customer compliance. It provides lot-by-lot inventory visibility, across facilities, at a container or zone level. Full order reservation and first expiry picking principals ensure that your inventory rotates correctly. Integrated planning engine marries forecasted demand against supply and will help direct purchasing and production decisions based on a number of qualifiers.

A built in workflow engine makes Productis an ideal tool for business processes like Product Lifecycle Management. It provides workflows out-of-the box or customized for you needs, allowing companies to centralize and standardize key business processes