Depending on the software development project and type of engagement the provider and the customer will have to set up the team or teams that will be working on the project.

The process starts with defining the roles and the potential profiles. Next, a match making between existing human resources and the profiles will be done. Then, individual interviews may be arranged with team leaders and all team members (if required). In case there are many candidates, an assessment center will be set in place in order to make the selection. Once the candidates have been selected, the teams start formation.

During this period, we pay attention to all behaviors and communication flow in order to make sure that it evolves well. Fine tuning the interaction and dimension of human resource since the first step, provides the premises for long term cooperation.

Human Resources are the main asset of any company, which is why we are so concerned to give the teams a good start and a nice professional horizon. As we have rather long journeys to handle, a skilled and motivated team is essential for major software development success stories.