In the field of secuirty and alerts, Codespring software development team has delivered complex software applications and systems.

Integrated security and alert system development

The project involved defining the architecture and building an integrated security alert and vigilance control system by smart communication of alerts, alarms and fast detection of incidents and anomalies.  The solution connects IoT devices with an intelligent cloud based cross-media and cross-platform security system, the specialized safety units and a state-of-the-art crisis management system. It combines an SaaS platform with integration into the customer’s system landscape. The solution enables to dynamically use cloud resources for alerting via voice calls,  messages, mobile app, e-mail and the fast and easy connection of systems, ICT components, and IoT sensors to the platform.

The software automatically alerts the responsible actors – corporate decision-makers, health care takers, medical staff, parents, security staff, safety contingents  – and initiates all necessary steps for effective crisis management. The infrastructure of the system has been built so that it provides high availability, high performance and scalability. The solution proved to be an effective tool in the pandemic context of 2020 as in bio-hazards situations.