How to outsource to Cluj is a question that we often hear at the international conferences and fairs. That is why we thought to give some actual answers and tips. Outsourcing to Cluj the software development projects that you envision may turn into a real business boomer if done right. Outsourcing in Cluj-Napoca has already a tradition and you may be surprised of the magnitude that this sector has recorded in the last years. Nominated as a European innovation capital finalist in 2020, the city is a recognized IT and software development center. In order to initiate a successful outsourcing cooperation for software development in Cluj-Napoca,  it is advised to get familiarized with the local culture and ways of doing business.

Outsourcing software development to Cluj-Napoca

The Rationale:
Focus on core business

Strategic Posture
Customer / Partner / Investor

Essential Steps To Outsource To Cluj

Even if in general the IoT Development follows the major steps of any software development process, there are some particularities that must be taken into consideration.

Examine The Opportunities

Cluj software team
  • Start a research about Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, Romania;
  • Dissect among the data obtained and delineate the important facts about the city and its ITC community;
  • Juxtapose outsourcing strategy and your business priorities;
  • Start assessing potential partners and providers;

Inspect The Software Outsourcing Market

Cluj software team
  • Define the project and solicit offers;
  • Delineate potential corporate candidates;
  • Plan teleconferences and live meetings;
  • Learn about the culture, work attitudes and lifestyles;

Draw The Big Picture And Outline The Details

Cluj software team
  • Systemize the data and detail;
  • Conclude on resemblances, affinities and useful differences;
  • Shape a collaborative frame;

Put In Practice

Cluj software team
  • Fix the conditions of a test project;
  • Enter an outsourcing agreement;
  • Initiate works;

Fine Tune And Control

Cluj software team
  • Contour responsibilities, software development methods, team collaboration, HR, infrastructure;
  • Establish a reporting systems;
  • Envision potential risks and deviations; schedule adjustments;
  • Review the overall results;