Codespring’s proposition to all its stakeholders is a common journey with a common agenda. By this logic, any software development project starts with mapping together the conditions of running the processes. Requirements of time, budget, quality and efficiency will be coupled with given infrastructure, human resources, security and business continuity features.

Codespring has cumulated two decades of in-depth experience in undertaking outsourcing agreements. That is why some of our contracts are as old as our company is fine-tuning.

Fine tuning all the variables of a complex equation is the key success factor of state-of-the-art software and service. Codespring understands the diversity of situations that each customer and each industry may have, which is why we are open to combine resources and processes in the optimal way.

Fine-tuning outsourcing is a key concept that governs our delivery model. There are five major elements that must be fine-tuned when setting the foundation of any project:

  • Governance – the steering committee of the project
  • Responsibility – what will each party be accountable for?
  • Software Development Process / Model – which will be the best method?
  • Team Collaboration – how will provider and customer team work together?
  • Human Resources – how will provider and customer set up the team ? What roles?
  • Infrastructure – what can each party bring to the project’s infrastructure?

When all these elements are well coordinated, the project will reach its’ maximum effectiveness, disregarding if the engagement is near shore, offshore or on site.