Software career Cluj? We consider your career as important as you do. That’s why our HR team has developed the Codespring Career Management Plan. Let us present you a little bit more detail about each step. The first step in managing your career is knowing yourself, and an important part of this self-insight is knowing where you are and where you want to go in your career.

Career Perspectives at Codespring

Establish which of the below categories suits you best and check what Codespring has for you:

Junior Software Developers

Cluj software team

You are just starting a career in software development? Codespring may be the right place to master the basics and grow the expert in you. Find more about the current opportunities.

Expert Software Developers

Cluj software team

You have already hands-on experience in software development and you master well your knowledge? We want to hear from you. At Codespring you will be able to add work experience and to grow to the next level. Check our current opportunities.

Leader Software Developers

Cluj software team

You are an expert and are good at motivating and managing people? Maybe it’s time to deploy your skills and focus on this side of the software development process. Codespring offers you the environment to grow, shift roles and challenge yourself. Check our current opportunities.

Software Architects

Cluj software team

You grasp easily the big picture and have experience in building system architectures? Codespring has a special program for you too. Find out more about the opportunities.

Codespring Career Management Plan

The Codespring Career Management Plan makes the link between your career goals and the development that will help you move towards the achievement of your life goals.

Have a look at the main steps and imagine yourself growing during the process:

I. Recruitment
Talent attraction and acquisition. Competency based selection.

II. On Boarding
Company and job orientation, mentoring and connection, probation period discussion.

III. Performance
Training and career development, skills management and coaching.

IV. Recognition
Vertical and lateral development, engagement and loyalty reward, benefits.

V. Excellence
Growth mindset, quality work, excellent results.