At the very beginning of any software development project, it is recommended to clearly establish the chain of authority, accountability and responsibility. In other words, it will be the right time to discuss and establish the governance body and mechanism.

In our experience at Codespring, each project is different and each organization has a different business model, a different operations approach and interacts differently with development teams. That is why governance is important in the way we manage contractual relationships and project management for each customer.

At the beginning, governance will mainly set the project policies in relation to responsibilities, data management, security, development strategies.

Soon the governance process will include decision-making acros the actual application development lifecycle. At this stage we speak about project requests, project estimations, project prioritization, project decomposition into tasks and assuring testing and deployment.

By the end of the application development cycle, the governance process covers measuring results and contrlling performance, auditing the overall development project. As feedback is collected from beneficiaries and end-users, the governance team will establish the necessary steps to adress the different nature of the received information.