Mentoring at Codespring is one of the most important elements of our talent growth strategy.

Let Codespring invite you to a technological environment that embraces the commitment to excellence in developing software. Codespring is offering to be your professional ICT mentor and would like to equip you with the knowledge and skills required for a future software development career. You can get enrolled in our professional community by choosing the workshop that best fits your technical interests.

The Codespring mentoring program is meant to raise awareness of the role and weight of practical IT training and offers students practical training experience combined with work in order to attain industry specific marketable skills. The concept of the mentor program is to ensure access to professional knowledge and hands-on experience required by active IT market participants via practical internships spent at economic organizations.

In addition to this, the program provides appropriate professional framework and consultancy for students writing their B.Sc. thesis and facilitates the transit from the academic world to the field of work. The mentor program ensures immediate professional advantage for graduate students and can be a good kick in starting a career in software programming.