Software outsourcing to Romania is booming. Deployed under various models, software outsourcing in Romania reveals to be an effective solution for reaching both performance and budgetary goals. The most interesting fact is that software outsourcing in Romania has turned Cluj-Napoca into a real software outsourcing engine.

Software outsourcing is one key service of Codespring. During 23 years of experience in outsourcing for full software development life cycle in Romania, Cluj Napoca, Codespring developed its own approach on outsourcing. Consequently, the outsourcing section puts a focus on how the software outsourcing process is managed at Codespring – from outsourcing steps, to outsourcing delivery models and outsourcing working models.

The outsourcing rationale for Codespring stakeholders derives from the quality and cost rapport we offer. A detailed presentation of all the outsourcing factors makes the central point of this section. Again, our team has drawn a customized view on the software development outsourcing processes.

Fine-tuning software outsourcing is a main concept that governs our delivery model. There are five major elements that must be fine-tuned when setting the foundation of any project: responsibility, software development process / model, team collaboration, human resources and infrastructure.

So that you have a clear view on what Codespring can bring on the outsourcing table, you are invited to browse the following chapters: