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DevOps and Full-Stack Progressive Web Trainings
March 10, 2021

Short term fast track program for bachelor and masters year students: DevOps and Full-Stack Progressive Web offered by Codespring. If you studied Informatics or Computer Science, you are fluent in Hungarian and English, and you are thinking to start a career in software development and be up to date with the latest working methods, this program might be exactly what you need. Applications are open until March 15, 2021.



Codespring Mentoring Program at Bittologatok 2021
February 24, 2021

Spring always comes with good mood, new projects and new opportunities! Especially when you are a student in computer programming or informatics, speaking Hungarian and English, and have a lot of drive to grow a career in the software development field! Buckle up for a new journey, this might be exactly what you were looking for!

On March 3, join the online Bittologatók meeting from Babeș-Bolyai Univeristy held in partnership with Codespring team.

We will present the opportunities offered by the annual Codespring Mentoring Program and the goodies you can win while attending the event!



Our Codespring 2020 Christmas Story
December 18, 2020

Next week, we are ready to celebrate Christmas at Codespring, the software development company from Transylvania, Romania. Instead of the traditional Codespring Christmas party, in the covid19 context, we are ready to celebrate at home, with our families and close friends. Even if we are apart this year, let’s stay together by creating a beautiful Codespring Christmas story of the software development team.



Join HacKMK v3 – The Virtual Hackathon
November 17, 2020

Are you in for a virtual hackathon? – Codespring team is happy to announce that one of the best student events that we are usually sponsoring, the HacKMK, is going to be held! Given the general pandemic context, it will occur in the virtual space, and it will be organized by the board of Hungarian students in technology from Cluj Napoca.

Therefore, you are invited to form teams of 2-4 students and sign-up for the virtual event!  Stand up for the challenge! The organizers will outline a few themes to be solved, while you are expected to design potential solutions.



Programming │ Codespring Summer Internship 2020
October 15, 2020

Programming is at the core of Codespring software development company from Cluj-Napoca, therefore programming is the key topic studied during the Codespring Summer Internship program. Although the general pandemic context in Romania forced everyone to work remotely, we are glad to inform you that we managed to successfully conclude the Codespring Summer Internship for programming skills, in a 100% online format.



World Education Day With Codespring Mentoring Program 2020
October 05, 2020

This week we start by celebrating World Education Day also known as World Teachers’ Day as a statement for the importance of education in our Codespring community. For almost a decade already, our team has been running the Codespring Mentoring Program – an educational program that enrolls students from their first year of University in an intensive learning process about software development.



Codespring Partner Of The 23rd Transylvanian Students Scientific Conference
May 20, 2020

April and May 2020 were intense both for students, professors and mentors, but we are now glad to inform you the the 23rd Transylvanian Students Scientific Conference powered by Codespring, the tech brand of SOFTECH from Cluj-Napoca, will be held in a digital format between May 21st and May 23rd! Organized in partnership with the local Babeș-Bolyai University, this scientific conference has multidisciplinary outlook and showcases interesting research and study projects.



Why Outsourcing Software Development in Romania in 2020?
April 28, 2020

Since February 2020, when all the major technology events scheduled for Q1/Q2 in Europe begun to cancel, we have been answering questions and surveys on why outsourcing software development in Romania is a pertinent solution, and why especially to do it this year. Even if we cannot answer each particular question in an online article, we have summed up our current view on why outsourcing software development in Romania is a safe anchor.