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Joyful Winter Holidays and a Happy 2016!

Greetings_thumbnailAs the old adage says, the most important lap of a race is the last one. Therefore, in December 2015, the last lap of this year, we put the pedal to the metal in order to cross the New Year’s Eve line with maximum power. It is also the time to thank our Partners and Friends for the trust and cooperation during these times of change. May you all enjoy a well-deserved quality time during these short winter holidays!


CLUJ IT Cluster assumes the coordination of the Balkan and Black Sea ICT Network

BBSCN_2016_thumbnailAccording to the latest press releases, the Balkan and Black Sea ICT Network (the network of IT&C clusters in the Balkans and Black Sea region) will enter 2016 under the coordination of Cluj IT Cluster, one of the most prominent IT clusters in Romania, having its headquarters in Cluj-Napoca.

Funded in October 2014 by Cluj IT Cluster itself, The Balkan and Black Sea ICT Network is intended to become a platform where the main IT clusters and related organizations from the Balkans and Black Sea macro-region can develop sustainable cooperation and businesses.


The Romanian IT Industry as an Economic Growth Engine

IT Industry Romania 2015_thumbnailThe latest study issued by iTech Transylvania Cluster by ARIES reveals that a number of 14.000 IT companies are currently acting on the Romanian market, generating a total turnover of EURO 4 billion and employing approximately 75.500 persons. According to the released data, 50% of these companies are concentrated in the two main cities of Romania: Bucharest (the country’s capital) and Cluj-Napoca (the 2nd city in rank).


Cluj IT Days 2015

IT Days 2015Cluj IT Days, which this year has reached its third edition, reunites the Transylvanian IT community around the same passion: the development of software and hardware products. If in 2014, the reference topic within the leadership section was the transition from outsourcing to product, this year our topic is the release of Romanian products. Therefore, it is not by chance that the event is going to start by a series of presentations subordinated to this theme – states Ovidiu Mățan, founder and organizer, in his introductory article about Cluj IT Days 2015.


Productronica 2015

Productronica logoBetween the 10th and 14th of November 2015, Münich Messe hosted the 40th edition of Producronica – the leading trade fair for electronics development and production. In close relationship with the software enginnering sector, Productronica is making room for innovation and is giving visitors a unique overview of the entire value chain in electronics production.


Romania’s Current Digital Scoreboard

desi-2015-radial-ro_0Romania has an overall score of 0.32 and ranks 28th out of the 28 EU Member States. Relative to last year, Romania made some progressed as more people subscribe to fast broadband networks (60% of fixed subscriptions are to a fast connection today, in comparison to 55% in 2013 – Romania ranks 2nd in the EU). However, low levels of digital skills and trust seem to be holding back the development of its digital economy.


Cluj-Napoca – The New Hot Spot For ICT

Cluj-Napoca_square_Codespring Why is Cluj region and Cluj-Napoca city becoming a hot spot for investors in ICT? Why is Cluj-Napoca constantly attracting outsourcing activities?

As you can see in the table below, Cluj-Napoca facts reveal a city ready to bloom on the world’s ICT map. Cluj has a wealth of resources that enable the growth of this location: growing and educated labor pool, multicultural and multilingual community, a well established academic research and development center for STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) disciplines and a renewing infrastructure. Cluj-Napoca is a historical core of Transylvania region’s economical and cultural development.


Cluj: The IT Paradise (Forbes, May 2015)


Cluj-Napoca hits the ranks! According to Forbes Romania’s top “Best Cities for Business 2015”, Cluj-Napoca is ranked 3rd city for Business in Romania and grabs the title of “IT Paradise of Romania”. And the catchphrase goes: The development of Cluj IT sector is about to consolidate the city’s position as “economic capital of Transylvania”.

In the same top, Cluj-Napoca is framed out as a city having as main economy drivers three industry sectors: IT, manufacturing and automobile.


Codespring on Being a Long Race Runner

On the 30th of May 2015, Codespring Superman Trail Running Team attended the Apuseni Mountains Marathon (Maratonul Apuseni 2015), an event organized by the Romanian Alpine Club – Cluj University department. We joyfully joined this competition as it promotes mountaineering and trail running ethics, the care for traditions and local folklore, the concern for the natural habitat and healthy living. Codespring runners engaged in the half-marathon (21.5 km) and cross (7.2 km) races.


Codespring on MWC 2015: Mobile in the Raw


Attending Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015 put Codespring back in touch with the primary feeling of the global mobile market: myriads of ideas, thousands of solutions, lots of competition and infinite possibilities. Along with new technologies, new devices and new uses, the mobile industry propels us in a new socio-economic model. All about this edition of MWC 2015 revealed the rawness of the industry. 

Surpassing all projections, GSMA Mobile World Congress, the world’s biggest and most influential mobile event, had a record-breaking 93,000+ attendees from 200 countries. Hosted in the Mobile World Capital Barcelona for the 10th year, Mobile World Congress 2015 attendees were treated to a wealth of learning and networking opportunities; product showcases and announcements; inspiration and innovation. Codespring attended the international event as an exhibitor at the RomaniaIT stand in Hall 6, stand 6H40.


Codespring Open Days 2015

Codespring Superman13.05.2015 – Save this date as we continue the tradition of Codespring Open Day event in 2015 too!  It is a great time to interact with our team and feel the Codespring vibe. Starting at 2.00 p.m., the venue is already well-known: our HQ on 29, Frunzisului street, Cluj – Napoca.


Codespring Superman-ish Moments at MTB Faget Marathon 2015

Codespring Team_MTB Faget 2015

Sunday, on the 26th of April 2015, we have been recording another Superman-ish moment with our MTB Rider team at MTB Faget Marathon 2015, the greatest mountain bike contest in the region, ranked 2nd of its kind in Romania and 4th in Eastern Europe. Already known for its impressive riding routes, the MTB competition is an initiative of Clujul Pedalează sports association and it aims at promoting the passion for mountain biking, for outdoor activities and for spending our free time in a healthy way.  Codespring Superman MTB Rider team engaged in the short 26 km race with a well-motivated composition.


Codespring Superman Relay Team at Cluj International Marathon 2015


Sunday, 19.04.2015, Codespring “Superman” Team went on the relay race (42 km – 10.5 km x 4) at the Cluj International Marathon 2015. It is a regional running contest especially designed by the local sports association, Runners Club from Cluj-Napoca. The competition gathered about 3500 runners participating at 4 main races: marathon, semi marathon, relay and cross. Against all the odds, Codespring “Superman” Team managed to run the 42 km mixt relay race with joy and good fun, reaching the first third of the mixt teams list. 


ITO goes with the flow. Where are the players sailing?

the diplomat article _ thumbnail

Estimated at one billion Euro in 2014, the software and IT services market in Romania continued to be one of the most dynamic industries, recognized mostly for its number of IT specialists, young and talented people with high quality and low rates in one place. In the context of continued globalization and diversification of industries, Romanian companies had to adapt to stay aligned with the global strategy, by combining different flavours of services, outsourcing and thus bringing in valuable alternatives” – describes Mrs. Alexandra Lopotaru in her article “ITO goes with the flow. Where are the players sailing?” published in The Diplomat magazine, march-april 2015.


Cluj Innovation Days 2015

Cluj Innovation Days 2015

This year, between the 19th and 25th of March 2015, ClujIT has chaired once again the already well appreciated Cluj Innovation Days event. 472 participants; 40 local and international speakers; 28 hours of presentations, workshops and debate on innovation and technological transfer in  –  were the main numbers of the 3rd edition of the event, transforming Cluj in the regional center of innovation for a weekend.  Mr. Bror Salmelin – representative of the European Commission has summarized the overall conclusions: „ The key to business success in IT is the development of own products and services, and Cluj, a city that I have been following in the last 15 years, has a great potential in this direction.”


At the Core of Coding for Innovative Software Solutions

Szleyes Levente_Codespring CEO

Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 2015: The heart of Transylvania, the 1st IT export hub of Romania, the friendliest city in Europe and the European Youth Capital in 2015.  This city grows into a more appealing ICT center as specialized companies discover the hidden potential of the ancient roman settlement.

 Mr. Levente Szélyes, is currently the owner and CEO of Codespring, a Romanian software development and outsourcing company from Cluj-Napoca. He is one of these passionate software engineers who in the mid- 90’s dared to have a different vision on how software development services could be deployed, at the time. 


Codespring Review on CeBIT 2015


Between the 16th and 20th of March 2015, Codespring attended the elite IT industry event in Europe: CeBIT 2015, in Hanover, Germany. Along with fellow companies from the RomaniaIT stand, Codespring representatives showcased their unique skill set and expertize in software development. The focus for 2015 and the next years is to partner for the development of complex industrial software applications and projects that require embedded and mobile programming expertise (e.g. IoT – Internet of Things), especially applications that run on dedicated hardware.


Java Role in the Development of the Internet of Things

PrintThe Internet of Things (IoT) is a field undergoing constant development. For the software development community across the globe, IoT has become one of the most important areas of the Future Internet. Java is already key in the development of emerging IoT technologies and Java aficionados state that Java will be the leading IoT platform. 

The Internet of Things: A New Model

First, one should understand the degree to which IoT is changing our model of interacting with the Internet. The major aspect is that now things will communicate with things across the Internet, processes can interoperate at local and global level. Preset rules for devices and systems will result in automated decisions and actions, without a human intervention.


The Connected-Home: A New Life

connected home 1What sometimes seemed to be a utopia is now turning into reality: the connected home – a modern shelter where devices work interactively and the residents can access status information via high-speed broadband. Increased mobility and connectedness allows the manifestation of Jules Verne’s savvy captain Nemo’s principle: “Mobilis in Mobili” (“moving amidst mobility”) thus changing the way in which we experience domestic life. Connected home technology claims a big stake in the IoT (Internet of Things) universe due to its unquestionable weigh in human life. 


Special Talks with Mr. Alexandru Borcea – President of the Board, ARIES

borcea_alexandruI have personally met Mr. Alexandru Borcea on the occasion of Romania’s country presence at the major international ICT events in Germany. With a discrete elegance and a courteous attitude, Mr. Borcea – President of the Romanian Association for Electronic Industry and Software (ARIES) has been one of the most active and perseverant promoters of Romania’s information technology capabilities and potential on the global market, in the last decades.


Cluj-Napoca: Growth Pole of Romania’s ICT Industry

Cluj-Napoca With more than 300 IT companies established in the city and about 10.000,00 active software engineers, Cluj-Napoca is in 2015 the 1st IT export hub of Romania, delivering 78% of the Romanian IT exports. The brain muscles are being prepared by the 11 universities that lie in the historical academic center of Cluj, while the innovative power grows in the wombs of more than 200 research units and laboratories.  This hidden treasure of South-Eastern Europe investment map is standing apart by its multiculturalist and multilingual community.


6 Days Until MWC 2015

Codespring at MWC2015The countdown will soon be over: 6 days until MWC 2015 – the mobile world’s leading event will open to mobile aficionados and experts. Codespring and the Romanian delegation will be ready to meet you in Hall 6, stand 6H40. The total of 14 companies that represent Romania at MWC2015 includes a lot of 6 companies from Cluj-Napoca, the heart of Transylvania. Codespring is proud to be one of these selected SMEs showacsing their expertise is mobile development in the catalan city of Barcelona, Mobile World Capital until 2018.


The Next Connected World: Secure and Unobtrusive

Codespring Company papers_cover jan 2015Celebrating the 12th edition of our Codespring Company Papers,  the January 2015 issue proposes connectedness as a main topic. The expansion of the Internt of Things universe engenders transformations at all technology levels. With dedication and perseverance, we tried to bring to  your attention bits of our work and way of thinking in relation to this phenomenon. Hoping that this edition will be once again a thought trigger, you may find the foreword of the publication in the following lines.


Codespring CEO’s Thoughts for 2015

Szleyes Levente_Codespring CEOOn the occasion of launching the new Codespring Catalogue for 2015, Mr. Levente Szélyes  – CEO and founder of Codespring, welcomes our partners and friends with a few thoughts for the current year. With a constant effort to bring in fresh information and consolidate the team’s knowledge capital, he strives to further convey his passion for innovation in information and communications technologies.


Codespring at Future Match 2015, CeBIT, Hanover

CeBIT 2015 Future MatchMarch 16-20, Hanover, Germany, @CeBIT: Codespring representatives will attend Future Match 2015 that will be organized for the 17th time by Leibniz University Hannover (LUH), Enterprise Europe Network Lower Saxony, Germany. Future Match, as an integral part of the CeBIT Research and Development, has enabled enterprises and research organizations to find partners for international cooperation: sales and license agreements, joint ventures, subcontracting, technology transfer or research & development projects.


ClujIT Labelled With Bronze Cluster Management Excellence


29.01.2015: clujIT cluster is labelled with the Bronze Cluster Management Excellence by the ESCA – The European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis, member of the European Cluster Excellence Initiatives. As a founding member of ClujIT cluster, Codespring congratulates the current Board of ClujIT Cluster for this achievement. Strong clusters can promote economic growth through leveraging the innovation and business potential of a region. From this perspective, Codespring management believes that ClujIT can consolidate its position on the European and regional ICT map as a growth pole for innovation.


“d!conomy” chosen as lead theme for CeBIT 2015

logo CeBIT

Hannover. CeBIT 2015 will center around the rapidly growing influence of IT across all areas of business and society and, associated with this, the role of IT as a key driver of innovation. “In partnership with us, the organizers of CeBIT, the IT industry has chosen ‘d!conomy’ as the lead theme for the 2015 showcase,” Oliver Frese, a member of the Managing Board of Deutsche Messe AG, announced Tuesday (16.09.2014) in Hannover. “Digitization is everywhere and is shaping ever more dimensions of working and social life. IT is transforming existing business models while at the same time giving rise to completely new ones. Information technology now has the ability to rapidly disrupt entire industries. d!conomy encapsulates this development perfectly.”


Meet Codespring at MWC 2015


One month until Mobile World Congress 2015, the world’s largest annual gathering of mobile and related industry C-Level executives. According to the official information, the 2015 exhibition will feature more than 1,900 companies and occupy 98,000 square metres of net exhibition and hospitality space across eight exhibition halls and numerous outdoor spaces. Codespring joins the Romanian delegation and will exhibit its services and expertise along with fellow companies at the national pavilion, in Hall 6, stand 6H40.


Cluj, the Silicon Valley of Europe – As Seen By a French Journalist

Paris MatchAfter visiting Cluj and the offices of a few local ITC companies, Jordan Pouille – a seasoned French freelance journalist, reports his direct impressions and experience in an article published in Paris Match (a well-known French language weekly news magazine that covers major national and international news), on the 22nd of October 2014.  As a fine observer of the environment and a trained critical eye, Jordan seizes the underlying opportunities of the ancient Roman citadel and  gives a strikingly suggestive title to his article Cluj, la Silicon Valley de l’Europe” (Cluj, The Silicon Valley of Europe)


Mobile World Congress 2015 – The Edge of Innovation

MWC 2015_logoBetween the 2nd and 5th March of 2015, Codespring will attend the world’s greatest mobile event: Mobile World Congress, hosted by the Mobile World Capital Barcelona. The event will be held at Fira Gran Via in Barcelona, with events also taking place at Fira Montjuïc. According to the 2015 GSMA Mobile World Congress agenda this year, the leading event of the mobile industry will have new key note speakers focusing on the main keynote theme: innovation, new exhibitors, new awards, new events and new partners. Since mobile technology is at the heart of worldwide innovation, the Mobile World Congress is an event where Codespring representatives enter the dialogue of mobile development with peer developers and potential partners.