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Cluj Innovation City at ExpoReal 2013

Today, 08.10.2013 in München, Germany, at ExpoReal, ClujIT representatives and partners have organized a special event: “Transylvania – building an innovation region” with the main theme: “Cluj-Napoca – empowering business potential in Europe. The heart of Transylvania – represents a region with high potential development trend, bringing positive impact in European future.” The speakers: Horea UIOREANU, President of Cluj County Council; Emil BOC, Cluj-Napoca City Mayor; Alexandru TULAI, President of ClujIT Cluster; and Lucian ISAR, member of the Cluj IT Cluster strategic board.


Codespring Team at SISY 2013

Between the 26th and 28th of September 2013 , Codespring team has attended IEEE 11th International Symposium on Intelligent Systems and Informatics, held in Subotica, Serbia. IEEE is the world’s largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. IEEE and its members inspire a global community through IEEE’s highly cited publications, conferences, technology standards, and professional and educational activities.IEEE, pronounced “Eye-triple-E,” stands for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.


CLUJ IT Talks about Innovation

Tomorrow, on the 26th of September 2013, in Cluj-Napoca a new Cluj IT Cluster event is taking place. Chaired by ANIS (The National Association of Software Industry)  and ARIES Transylvania (The Romanian Association for the Electronics and Software Industry) the debate theme is The IT Industry: how does the innovation based business model  really work? “ (original title: “Industria IT: cum funcționează modelul de business bazat pe inovație?” ). 


Codespring Company Days 2013

Already a traditional event at Codespring, the autumn Company Days took place between the 13th and 15th of September 2013. This year we headed towards the Sub Cetate (“under the Fortress”) village, from Zetea, in Harghita County. The exact location was Natur Air Park, a nice rural accommodation complex with funny names like “The wolf”, “The Stag”, “The Bear” or “The Fox”.

Friday we took off in order to reach the destination. At arrival, tasty dinner and the fresh air motivated us to continue with a well-deserved Friday Night party. It was a perfect time to reconnect with all team members and their partners. (more…)

Codespring on ALE2013

Between the 27th and 30th of August 2013, Codespring attended the so much waited unconference ALE 2013 (Agile and Lean Europe). The ALE unconference is organized by a crowd of volunteers, mostly from across Europe, Agile and / or Lean practitioners. The main idea is to give and share, to spread the belief in the power of communities, co-creation and diversity.


2013 Summer Internship at Codespring

Already a tradition, summer internships at Codespring became a valuable experience for the students involved in the program. This year the schedule includes exciting themes like AR (Augmented Reality), robotics, computational intelligence platform, social online platforms, Android based development. Due to the number of students enrolled we splited the group in two. The program is currently being deployed in two different periods: 1st of July – 16th of August and the 19th of August – 30th of September. The goal of the project is to help young professional grasp the feel of real projects with real dead-lines. Also a major component is the team formation and development. Therefore, the internship is considered a valuable experience for all the future software engineers involved in the project.


Codespring Supports Academic Research

As previously showcased Codespring is an active supporter of the academic scientific community.  This year, we had the occasion to take part to a special research tutored by the Danish Aalborg University. Two Romanian student researchers studying International Business Economics, have been assigned to study an interesting subject: why and how did Romanian IT SMEs go international? Led by Mr. Arnim Decker – Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of business and Management, of Aalborg University, the two authors – Mr. Paul Musteata and Mr. Bogdan Dobrescu have based their research mainly on primary sources and direct analysis. Due to their successful academic project, they honored us with sharing the findings of the research named: “Romanian IT SMEs: a Journey to Internationalization” (June 2013).


Codespring Blue Elephant & the Story Behind

On the 18th of July 2013, little blue elephants have invaded Codespring HQ! We could stop here with the story, as all our colleagues who attended the SCRUM training know precisely what it stands for. Yet, we would like to go further and explain the story of the Blue Elephant: Codespring’s official mascot.

There is an ancient fable from the Indian subcontinent about six blind men and the elephant. One day six blind men are asked to describe what they touch and feel. As they each only touch one part of the elephant they come up with vastly different descriptions – a tree (the leg), a wall (the side), a spear (the tusk), a fan (the ear), a rope (the tail) and a snake (the trunk). For each of the blind men what they touch and feel is the correct description. However, they cannot agree on any one’s description. In different variants of the fable the king, or a superior being or a simple passerby (who can see) elucidates the disagreement of the six blind men, by telling them that they actually touch an elephant (!). (more…)

2013 Codespring Mentoring Program

On the 5th of July 2013, Codespring 2013 Mentoring Program has successfully ended. We are proud to announce that all the participants have well taken their final examination test and degrees. All program attendees who have successfully completed the final examination of the practical workshop were awarded with a Certificate of Achievement recognized by Codespring and by Codespring’s partner network. Well done!

In order to mark the event, we have organized a little tasty barbeque: good music, lots of meet and lots of beer. We thank all the participants for their dedication and involvement in the project. It was a perfect occasion to better assess the potential of each student while providing professional Java preparation.


Codespring’s CEO on Fine Tuning

“Fine Tuning Fosters Quality Work and Healthy Business” is the title of our 2013 interview with Codespring’s CEO. “The key traits for evolution are flexibility and solid foundation. The fine-tuning of all available resources, from both provider and customer side, set the foundation of mutual trust and long term partnerships. In addition, we strive to deliver creative input, technical expertise and passion over the full software development life cycle.” he declares. Read the featured interview in the following lines and have a glimpse at our way of doing business.


CODESPRING TIP: Offshore to Cluj

“Codespring Tip” series aims at providing you insight information on how you can improove your software development process. Today we bring to your attention the way in which your offshore to Cluj programme may be 100% effective.


Benefits of Mobile Printers

Recently, Codespring has had the pleasure to answer a set of interesting questions about the mobile printing situation in Romania, a study conducted by MarketWatch Magazine.  The result has also been published as an article in the Industry Watch section of the online version. The discussion about the necessity of increased mobility of operational teams and the benefits of mobile printers has gathered different and interesting perspectives.


2013 Open Days: Review

As previously announced, yesterday – on the 15th of May 2013 – Codespring hosted a selected audience of blossoming professionals in the ITC sector. The Codespring Open Days event is already a tradition and we proudly acknowledge the students’ interest for meeting future potential employers. We thank everybody for their presence and we hope to meet them again in the future.


Codespring Open Days 2013

15.05.2013 – Save this date as we continue the tradition of Codespring Open Days event in 2013 too!  It is a great time to interact with our team and feel the Codespring vibe. Starting at 2.00 p.m., the venue is already well-known: our HQ on 29, Frunzisului street, Cluj – Napoca.


Outsourcing Best Practices

Outsourcing has been widely debated and analysed. It definitely has many pros and cons, but the idea is to find the business model that suits your purposes right. Being a trained player on the software outsourcing arena, Codespring management team has outlined a set of best practices and how tos.


Codespring at TDC / Cluj IT 2013

Starting tomorrow, 10.04.2013, until 11.04.2013, Codespring HR team will be welcoming potential candidates at stand nr. 11, on the occasion of CLUJ IT job fair organized by TDC (Targul de Cariere).  The job fair will be located in the hall of Iulius Mall and will be open between 10.00 a.m. and 16 p.m.



CeBIT 2013 had a good impact on Codespring’s business perspectives. Celebrating the 12th Romanian national participation at CeBIT, we were proud to be among the 19 companies that have showcased their IT&C services and technical expertise at the digital world flagship event. Between the 5th and 9th of March, 2013, in Hannover, Germany, we had the chance to meet new potential customers and to exchange ideas with peer companies from other regions.


Google Nose: April’s Fools Day Best

Let us not forget that today is April 1st – April’s Fools Day! As Google made a nice habit of celebrating the joke-based holiday, today we found it was the funniest one:  search Google by smell! Now, let’s be sincere: how many of you did approach the screen in order to “smell” the word?  Google Nose BETA, is the “new scentsation in search”. It also claims: “smelling is believing”.


Happy Easter!

Dear Partners and Friends, Codespring team welcomes you with our best wishes on the occasion of Easter Holidays!


TDC / Cluj IT 2013

On the 10th and 11th of April 2013, Codespring HR team will be present at CLUJ IT job fair section of the already well known TDC (Targul de Cariere).  The job fair will be located in the hall of Iulius Mall and will be open between 10.00 a.m. and 16 p.m.

Cluj IT gathers the best IT companies in Cluj-Napoca that are actively recruiting software development specialists. As Cluj IT became an important section of the TDC job fair, we are proud to be part of the IT community.


Summer Internship and Mentoring at Codespring

In order to join the ranks for the Codespring Summer Internship and Mentoring programs, Codespring team has organized a workshop at the Babes-Bolyai University from Cluj-Napoca, on the 14th of March 2013. We were happy to meet you in such great number and to find out that the offered programs are already sought after.


Cluj IT Innovation Days, 1st Edition

On the 20th of March 2013, CLUJ IT CLUSTER launched its 1st broader public event: “Cluj IT Innovation Days”. During two days – 20 and 21 March 2013 – the event has brought together private and public entities from the IT sector and other industries to express the need of a common agenda and present the main projects of the association. By 2017, CLUJ IT aims to become one of the most credible suppliers from Eastern Europe for Innovative IT services and products as well as organizational support systems.

As a founder member of CLUJ IT, Codespring has attended the event along with delegates and representatives of other fellow member companies.


RomaniaIT Event at CeBIT 2013 on 6.03.2013

Today, 6.03.2013, at CeBIT, Hannover, you are welcome to visit the Romanian Pavilion Hall 6/ G and attend the RomaniaIT Party and networking event. According to our already traditional set-up, we are expecting our guests with good food and good Romanian wine.  The event is scheduled for 6:30 in the evening. Codespring team is there to receive its guests.


Challenges of Working on Software that Moves Money

The banking industry is a market shaker of the economy that aims to react to customer demands in the shortest time possible. Cost and time are the key factors financial institutions are considering when they are turning to software solutions. These, in fact, are not enough to develop competitive advantage. Security of the financial transactions is the high stake challenge that needs to be addressed jointly by the software development service provider and the IT department of the bank. (more…)

All Engines Tuned for CeBIT 2013

CeBIT 2013, the digital world’s flagship event is taking place between the 5th and 9th of March, this year. 2013 marks the 12th Romanian national participation at CeBIT. This year a number of 17 companies will showcase their IT&C services and technical know-how at the No. 1 event of the computing industry in Hannover, Germany. As in previous years, the participation of Romanian companies at CeBIT 2013 is part of the Exports Promotion Program organized by the Romanian Employer’s Association of the Software and Services Industry (ANIS), in partnership with the Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Business Environment (MECMA) and the Romanian Center for Trade Promotion and Foreign Investment (CRPCIS). Visit the Romanian National Pavilion in Hall 6 – Booth G36 and get to know the creative talent and technical excellence RomaniaIT is ready to offer to you. (more…)

A View from the Top: Interview with Fritz-Christoph Horstmann

In early November 2012 Codespring benefited again from the professional guidance of Mr. Fritz – Christoph Horstmann, an entrepreneur and voluntary senior consultant, under the framework of collaboration with the Senior Experten Service (SES), a non-profit organization of the German industry for international cooperation. We were delighted to hear about the experiences of a seasoned leader and would like to share with you some key thoughts and lessons of a remarkable player within the international ITC community.

Fritz-Christoph Horstmann is a long term entrepreneur and shareholder in various companies, a voluntary senior consultant at SES, and former member of the board of the Semiconductor Division of Siemens AG. With consistent track record of leading innovative companies and coordinating sales, marketing, and M&A activities, he has gained inspiring business experience occupying general and interim management, executive and nonexecutive director and consultancy positions at German and European companies active in the high-tech, media, and services industries.


Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania: the Heart of Romanian Software Development

Currently the 2nd largest city of Romania, Cluj-Napoca is constantly climbing rankings in the ITC field, namely for its software development activity. Hosting near 250 ITC companies, with roughly 5000 active software engineers, Cluj-Napoca’s software market has expanded by 48.8%[1] in the last two years.

Bearing innovation and growth in mind, 2012 culminated with the setup of the Cluj IT Innovation Cluster.

Based on our latest data, 2013 opens the door for new collaborations forms, new projects and new strategies.


NEW RELEASE – January 2013 Edition of the Codespring Company Papers Spotlights Your Attention on Fine-Tuning

The fresh streams of 2013 carry both the challenges of the unknown and the experience of the seasoned explorers. Codespring and its partners are heading towards new projects bearing in mind that the right combination of resources and processes may be the key to success. It is all about fine-tuning.

Our Market Report on the latest changes of Cluj-Napoca software development market – a living proof of the power the fine-tuning concept has – will feed you with concrete examples on how business partners succeed to meet objectives and positive outcome. We took a glance on the Cluj-Napoca IT&C landscape, identified top business investors of the city and analysed what made Cluj-Napoca the 9th Top Outsourcing Destination Globally. (more…)

CeBIT 2013

The world’s largest trade fair showcasing digital IT and telecommunications solutions for home and work environments, CeBIT will take place between 05-09 March 2013 in Hannover. The key target groups are users from industry, the wholesale/retail sector, skilled trades, banks, the services sector, government agencies, science and all users passionate about technology.


New Release: iSpeedCam Version 2.3.0.

You’re bound to have a watershed moment with the latest version of iSpeedCam. The particularly advantageous enhancements comprise an application interface redesign and a login process simplification. All these enrichment come to better serve your user needs and to ensure an uplifting experience while you are on the road.

Check out what’s new in iSpeedCam Version 2.3.0. and tell us what you think about the application.

In order to have faster and easier access to your favorite features, we have redesigned the interface of the iPhone application. With just a simple finger tap on the main screen you are now able to mute the application. What’s more, the run in background feature can now be enabled or disabled from the main screen. In addition to this, the process of adding and removing cameras has been much simplified.



Happy New Year, dear Codespring Partners and Friends! As 2013 is already here, we start by thanking you all for the trust you gave us during all these years. In your honor, we raise a cup filled with gratitude, positive thoughts and joy! May you all have a prosperous, joyful and wealthy 2013!



Yes, our end of year event is getting better and better each year! Since Christmas is a playful time when friends and families come together to celebrate joy and the magic of life, we have once again surprised our team with a fun theme for our 2012 party!