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Codespring Christmas Party 2014

IMG_597712.12.2014: A nice winter Friday that turned into a nice Christmas tale… Inspired by the white snow, the glittery snowflakes, the joyful Christmas songs and the remembrance of our childhood winter games, this year we gave our Christmas party a frozen style theme. Being an event where Codespring teams tries to bring together local traditions and a modern look, we were glad to assist to a carefully chosen suite of special little moments.


Codespring at Connect-IT 2014

Connect_IT 2014_CodespringOn the 5th of December 2014, Codespring attended the 4th edition of the Connect-IT conference organized by the Information Management Cluster in Pécs. The event was hosted by the University of Pécs, in the Knowledge Center Conference Hall. Having the profile of a selected specialized event, Connect-IT 2014 focused on the cooperation between the private bodies of the ICT sector and the tertiary education institutions.


Outsource the Software Development Process If…

cs_img_european_locationShould we outsource the software development process? If yes, when is it recommended? What are the clues that indicate that we should go for outsourcing? – These are some of the most frequent questions that Codespring team has been addressed in the past years. For those who are involved in such decisions, these questions are quite familiar.


Romanian Software Index 2014

 Romanian Software IndexWe are joyfully greeting the 2nd edition of the Romanian Software Index in an improved format: the printed catalogue and its independent dedicated website: Powered by ANIS (Employers’ Association of the Software and Services Industry in Romania), Romanian Software Index includes more than 75 companies and is structured in two main chapters: outsourcing companies and product companies.


Cluj IT Days 2014: Brain-teasing Cluj IT Community


IT Days logoCluj IT Days has this special flavor of a local tech conference where the IT community can share and debate intriguing topics. In 2014, Cluj IT Days continued its focus on innovation, entrepreneurship and technology with an accent on how to build an IT product. Held between the 25th and 26th of November, Cluj IT Days 2014 triggered our thinking with diverse and challenging topics. 


Codespring Company Days 2014

photo 25

On the 14th of November 2014 Codespring team buckled up and went on our traditional yearly company trip. This time we headed towards Sovata Resort, a location in Transylvania that distinguishes itself by the richness of natural resources. Along with our families and friends, the weekend was total bliss: adventure, outdoor games, SPA and … casting the ballot. We enjoyed once again the reunion of all teams, the good spirit that an outdoor escape induces and that special feeling of being part of a greater family. 


2014/2015 Academic Year: Codespring Meets the New Generation

Next Generation UBB_Codespring

On the 15th of October 2014, as we already have accustomed our fellow colleagues from the university, Codespring representatives accepted the invitation to meet the new generation of information technology specialists. The event was organized by the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technology from the Babeș-Bolyai  University and started at 18:30 in the central building of the university.

The agenda included a brief company presentation and a detailed description of the opportunities that Codespring offers to the interested students through the mentorship and intership programe. In order to give a glipmse on what projects we are currently handling and how are things working at Codespring, one of our colleagues intrioduced the audience to a few  company reference projects.


Codespring MTB Riders Beyond the Edge

Codespring MTB Riders_at Maratonul GilauOn Sunday, the 21st of September 2014, Codespring “Superman” team took a ride on the 2nd edition of the “Maratonul Gilău” – the 3rd stage of “Cluj Bike Challenge” 2014. Already known for its impressive riding routes, the MTB competition is an initiative of Clujul Pedalează sports association and it aims at promoting the passion for mountain biking, for outdoor activities and for spending our free time in a healthy way.

Since the MTB challenge was designed for various levels of difficulty and for all ages, Codespring team enrolled both adults and toddlers in the race. Along with our CEO and his family, the team joined the 50 km semi marathon “race” ride, the 15 km “fun” ride and the so much awaited kids’ race. We congratulate the team for the spectacular downhill hunting performed by Jaki, for the determination proven during the ascents, for the technical approach and the energy to quickly recover after the unplanned stunts.


Codespring Rediscovering the Athletic Spirit at Crosul Companiilor 2014

Codespring Superman Team_Crosul Companiilor 2014On the 21st of September 2014, Codespring “Superman” Team accepted the challenge of entering the already famous Crosul Companiilor Cluj-Napoca 2014 race. It is a running contest especially designed by the local sports association, Runners Club for the employees of companies and organizations from Cluj-Napoca. Runners can enroll in the individual competition or in the team competition, representing the company or brand they are currently working for. With a remarkably positive attitude, Codespring team has joined the race and successfully finished it.

Since last weekend was one of the most sports intensive weekends for the entire Cluj IT community, many fellow Cluj IT companies were present at the running competition. A total of 900 runners were counted on Sunday at the 10:00 a.m. start. The 5 km race was a light morning run, on a chill weather that helped us feel comfortable and fully enjoy the 3 running laps.


Spring Your Career at Codespring

Codespring SupermanHello, we are Codespring and we are here to bring spring into your software development careers. For the last 16 years, we have been around trying to build a business we are proud of. Our main principle is that quality people build a quality business and we strive to deliver this idea through our work and results. If you think alike, you are welcome to join Codespring team and do a wonderful job.

In the following lines, we will sum up the main principles that we think will help you blend in our team.


Codespring Team at SISY 2014

Codespring at SISY 2014

Codespring is proud to inform you that our team is now attending the IEEE 12th International Symposium on Intelligent Systems and Informatics, SISY 2014. The symposium started yesterday on the 11th of September and will be ending on the 13th of September, in Subotica, Serbia.  The official venues are the Town Hall (Gradska kuca, Trg Slobode 1, Svečana sala) and Subotica Tech (Marka Oreskovica 16).


Great Results of 2014 Codespring Mentoring Program

ubb-logo1Recent information from our Codespring Mentoring Program coordinators – Dr. Simon Károly and Mr. Török-Vistai Tamás reveal the great achievements of our colleagues and students with their graduation thesis at the Babeș-Bolyai, University, Facultaty of Mathematics and Information Technology, major: information technology. 9 out of the 10 students who obtained the maximum grade (10 of 10) are from Codespring program.


Offshore to Cluj: The Way to Do It

Cluj-Napoca_square_CodespringOffshoring decisions are complex. The decision makers must carefully analyze each opportunity and digest each piece of information they receive. The process is quite comprehensive and goes through the analysis of multiple criteria: geolocation, cultural affinities, skilled foreign languages speaking labor pool, technically resourceful labor pool, fiscal facilities, investment facilities, growth potential, communication and transportation infrastructure, coverall costs, and development capabilities.


Cluj Business Days 2014: International Business Networking


The 15th edition of the already known Business Days event, at Cluj, between the 9th and 10th july, brings to the local business community encounter opportunities with the international communities partnering in Cluj from Holland, Austria, Hungary, Germany and France.



ANIS Business Meeting in Cluj-Napoca

logoOn the 26th of June 2014 we had the pleasure of attending the Business Meeting organized by ANIS (The Employers’ Association of the Software and Services Industry) in Cluj-Napoca. The event was hosted by Fortech and it was an opportunity for the local members to share their ideas on the future of the software industry in Romania from the employers’ side.


iTechsylvania: Best Practices Among Clusters

Logo ARIES_ITechsylvaniaYesterday,24.06.2014,we had the pleasure of attendinga special workshop on the best practices among clusters, organized by iTechsylvania.  The objective of the event was to highlight the importance of cooperation among local clusters and their impact on the local communities. Chaired by Mr. Marcel Borodi – President of ARIES Transylvania and assited by Ms. Bianca Muntean – Project Manager of iTechsylvania, the workshop has deployed in a friendly and considerate atmosphere at The Office Conference Center, in Cluj-Napoca.


BileTel Cluj: Use Your Smartphone To Buy Your Cluj Public Transportation Ticket!

Biletel Cluj_Logo19.06.2014: Starting today, the people living in the Cluj-Napoca urban and metropolitan area can easily pay their bus, trolleybus and tram tickets by using the newest and most comfortable smartphone application: BileTel Cluj. Consecutive to the recent Cluj-Napoca City Hall’s ticket payment system via SMS, Nagy Gergő – a young programming student who is attending our Codespring Mentoring Program, has developed in a record time the application that favors smartphone users. Currently BileTel Cluj is available for Android.


Cluj-Napoca: European Youth Capital 2015

logo_englishCluj-Napoca, ranked 2nd city of Romania has been appointedEuropean Youth Capital for 2015The European Youth Capital (abbreviated EYC) is the title awarded to a European city for the period of one year, during which it is given the chance to showcase, through a multi-faceted programme, its youth-related cultural, social, political and economic life and development. This will translate into a year-long row of events, project, and cooperation happening in Cluj-Napoca or connected with a city but in the region, country or even other parts of Europe.


iSpeedCam: Ready To Travel?

iSpeedCam for iOS and Android_travel summer 2014Summer 2014 is almost here. Book your adventure and travel away! Start the iSpeedCam App, set your destination, choose your route and push the pedal! Whether you have an iOS or an Android based device, iSpeedCam is ready to be your savvy travel companion: it shows you recommended speed limits, it informs you where the traffic control teams are located or use to set their check points, it records your track history, it encourages you to be active in the iSpeedCam drivers community by inserting new cameras and traffic control spots in the data base and it brings you to the final destination without unnecessary speed tickets!


Codespring @Techsylvania 2014: In Tune With Innovation

photo 1

Three days of intense thinking, learning and sharing may best describe Techsylvania 2014. Codespring congratulates once again all attendants, organizers and partners for a successful international tech event in Cluj-Napoca.  A special focus deserve the teams involved in Techsylvania Hackathon, who proved once again that brain muscle is certainly an attribute that the software community from Cluj-Napoca may be proud of. Briefly, Codespring will continue to support initiatives aiming to foster innovation, research and development activities and technology developments.


Bits of Codespring Open Days 2014

Open Day

As previously announced, on the 21st of May 2014 – Codespring hosted a selected audience of blossoming professionals in the ITC sector. The Codespring Open Days event is already a tradition and we proudly acknowledge the students’ interest for meeting future potential employers. We thank everybody for their presence and we hope to meet them again in the future.


Happy Winners at the Transylvanian Scientific Students’ Conference 2014


Codespring Mentoring Team is happy to share with you the fabulous results that the teams under our guidance had at the Transylvanian Scientific Students’ Conference 2014, 15-18 May 2014. Out of 6 projects that have been selected for the contest, 3 of them reached the podium. The program coordinator, Mr. Simon Karoly , Ph. D. and Torok-Vistai Tamas, project manager, are proud to have met such wonderful results and is looking forward for further cooperations with students and researchers within Codespring Mentoring Programe in partnership with the elite universities from Cluj-Napoca.


Codespring at Techsylvania Meet Up: “Wearables: The New Hot Stuff”


As a partner of Techsylvania – a brand new technology and innovation event that will be staged in Cluj-Napoca, Romania between the 31st May and 2nd of June 2014, Codespring has been present at the 1st pre-event meet up. We have met a few guests in a cozy atmosphere and have talked about the wearable technologies that are the main topic of the Hackathon.

The whole idea of “wearable” has its roots in ancient times, when devices like the first portable watch or the first portable compass have been assembled.


Big Data and Social Media: The Big Shift

Codespring in Ziarul Financiar

You may find below the recent article published in Today Software Magazine nr. 23 / 2014: “Big Data and Social Media: The Big Shift“.  

Since social media platforms expanded through our lives, the amount of data exchanged across them has sharply upsurged. We write texts describing an idea, an opinion, a fact; we upload images and videos; we share our preferences by using simple buttons (“like”, “favorite”, “follow”, “share”, “pin” etc.); we accept in the network people we know very well in our real life and people we have never met before and probably never will – … and everything goes in the network almost in real time!


Transylvanian Scientific Students Conference


Between the 15th and 18th of May 2014, Babeş-Bolyai University from Cluj-Napoca, the Mathematics and Information Technology Departments organize the annual “Transylvanian Scientific Student’s Conference”. Codespring research and professional mentorship team is involved in the event with 6 projects and 12 students.


Codespring Open Day 2014

21.05.2014 – Save this date as we continue the tradition of  Codespring Open Day event in 2014 too!  It is a great time to interact with our team and feel the Codespring vibe. Starting at 2.00 p.m., the venue is already well-known: our HQ on 29, Frunzisului street, Cluj – Napoca.


Today Software Magazine 23rd Edition

Today Software Magazine cover_n21_en

On the 12th of May 2014, Today Software Magazine – founded and ran by mr. Ovidiu Mățan – has invited Codespring to the launch of its 23rd printed and online edition. The event is part of an already traditional series aiming at strengthening the IT community from Cluj-Napoca. This time the official host was SmallFootprint Cluj-Napoca headquarters, where editors, contributors and audience reunited for sharing ideas and presenting the main topics covered by this number of Today Software Magazine.


Codespring is Partner of Techsylvania – Major ITC Event in The CEE


Codespering is happy to introduce as a Partner, TECHSYLVANIA – a brand new technology and innovation event that will be staged in Cluj-Napoca, Romania between the 31st May and 2nd of June 2014. Top executives from Telenav, Zynga, Websummit and many more will join the event and will share their own experiences. Experts and innovators in software engineering will build the main audience of the event, since Techsylvania aims at promoting technological advancements and innovation in Cluj area.


Opening of the Innovation Alliance Center “Danubius Design” in LVI

Innovation Alliance Center Danubius Design im LVI

On March 31, in Stuttgart, the National Association of Baden- Württemberg eV (LVI – Landes Verband der Industrie) opened along with his partner, the International Institute for Integral Innovation (4i) , in the presence of Peter Friedrich , Minister for Federal , European and International Affairs and within an agreement with the Romanian Trade Council Office  the “Innovation Alliance Center Danubius Design” in LVI . The Romanian participation of IT companies was facilitated by ARIES (The Romanian Association for Electronic Industry and Software).


The Big Picture At Codespring

Codespring_fine_tuningCodespring’s core business is software development. Having a history of 16 years in the field, we have refined our understanding on how successfull cooperations take place, irrespective of the working model: outsourcing, offshoring, nearshoring or extended teams.

We have summed up this inherent understanding into a Big Picture that we constantly try to convey to our partners and customers. Fine-tuning is Codespring’s governing principle across the complex full software development life cycle. There are necessities, possibilities and constraints that must be taken into consideration. The trick is to correctly balance all these parametres and find mutual understanding.


SEEBURGER: ‘Visionary’ in Magic Quadrant

SEEBURGER-LogoOnly Vendor with 100% In-House-Engineered Components, Ensuring Seamless Integration Projects: SEEBURGER Recognized as ‘Visionary’ in Magic Quadrant for On-Premises Application Integration Suites

August 27, 2013 – ATLANTA, GA – SEEBURGER, a leading business integration technology provider with customers in more than 50 countries, today announced its positioning in the “Visionaries” quadrant of Gartner, Inc.’s 2013 “Magic Quadrant for On-Premises Application Integration Suites” [1].  The designation applies to the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS), a 100% in-house-engineered platform that avoids the interoperability problems frequently encountered when vendors bolt on third-party solutions to expand functionality. The BIS platform includes built-in business process orchestration as well as a high-performance, any-to-any transformation engine capable of supporting application-to-application (A2A), business-to-business (B2B), managed file transfer (MFT) and cloud-to-on-premises integration projects of any scale.

Technical Excellence and Trust Seal Strategic Outsourcing Partnerships

Codespring Software Development ExpertsCluj-Napoca, Romania, 2014. A unique location embracing changing times. The 2nd city of Romania, the heart of Transylvania and the European Youth Capital in 2015 is emerging as the main software development pole of this country guarding the borders of the European Union. Local entrepreneurs and investors attract complex and innovative projects by providing technical expertise and agility.

Mr. Levente Szélyes, is currently the owner and CEO of Codespring, a Romanian software development and outsourcing company from Cluj-Napoca. He is one of these passionate software engineers who in the mid-90’s dared to have a different vision on how software development services could be deployed, at the time. Teaming up with skillful engineers was the cornerstone of his ITC entrepreneur journey. After setting up a software company in 1998, he entered a BOT (Build, Operate and Transfer) contract with the largest ITC company in Germany. Subsequently, Mr. Szélyes established the software house named Codespring. The little 1,2  million USD business, is carried by a team of +50 software engineers, providing creative input and technical expertise over the full software development life cycle, to USA and European customers.

In order to give you a glimpse about the mindset behind the story, Mr. Szélyes shares his thoughts and intentions showing openness and solicitude.

Love Coding? Join the 2014 Mentoring Program!

Superman CodespringIf you are studying programming and want to build a real hands-on experience, you might just be the right candidate for a Mentee position at Codespring. The mentoring program has already a great history in our organization with many success stories. In 2014 we continue preparing future software engineers with the following thoughts in our mind: when you DO CODING, DO it with PASSION and do it with STYLE.

Are you a Mentee material?

This is a good question to ask yourself before applying to a mentoring program. To be involved in a mentoring relationship is a privilege for both participants, and as a result it is important to be gracious and thoughtful towards each other. If you can check most of the following traits, you probably will and should be here:


Women in Software: A Special Talk

AM_small 2_kIn March we celebrate women at Codespring. A subject more and more debated in the recent years is the presence and evolution of women in software. How do women perform as software engineers? Why do they choose this profession? How do they see their careers in software development? – These are questions that crossed our mind when approaching the subject.

In order to find some answers, we have discussed with one of Codespring’s ladies – Ms. Anikó Mátis, Software Engineer and Team Leader. Her answers encourage women with passion and inclination for programming to follow their path in software development.


Stuttgart Economic Mission: Partnering for the Future

Stuttgart Economic Mission_ARIES and CodespirngARIES (The Romanian Association for Electronic Industry and Software) and LVI ( Landes Verband der Industrie) from Baden-Württemberg, Germany are preparing a special economic mission in Stuttgart, between the 30th of March and the 1st of April 2014. According to Mr. Alexandru Borcea – President of ARIES, “ …the main goal of the Economic Mission in Stuttgart is to establish a contact point between Romanian companies members of ARIES and German companies from  Baden-Württemberg land (region).”


Codespring from Cluj Stakes on a 30% Business Growth in 2014

Codespring in Ziarul FinanciarOn Sunday, 23.03.2014, ZF (Ziarul Financiar) the leading Romanian business newspaper has published an article about Codespring. Authored by Ioana Nita, the article is based on an interview with Mr. Walter Brem – General Manager of Codespring and highlights the company’s current market orientation and its’ future plans.

Written in Romanian, the article may be read at the following link: For your convenience we have translated the article in English too. Enjoy reading!


Cluj Innovation Days 2014: Discover New Frontiers. Make them Your Own.

ClujIT Innovation Days 2014Between the 20th and 21st of March 2014, ClujIT cluster deployed its 2nd edition of “Cluj Innovation Days” having as main tagline: “Discover New Frontiers. Make them Your Own.”  With high-level speakers from the European and local public and private institutions, the event was gracefully hosted by the Life Science Institute of the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine from Cluj-Napoca. The event focuses on “encouraging innovation, research and entrepreneurship as key ingredients toward building sustainability in businesses and community development.”


Today Software Magazine 21st Edition

Today Software Magazine cover_n21_enOn the 19th of March 2014, Today Software Magazine – founded and ran by mr. Ovidiu Mățan – has invited Codespring to the launch of its 21st printed and online edition. The event is part of an already traditional series aiming at strengthening the IT community from Cluj-Napoca. This time the official host was Betfair Cluj-Napoca headquarters, where editors, contributors and audience reunited for sharing ideas and presenting the main topics covered by this number of Today Software Magazine.


CeBIT 2014: Codespring Review

Codespring at CeBIT 2014CeBIT 2014 closed on Friday, March 2014, with an impressive positive feedback from all stakeholders. “The revamped CeBIT has proven a complete success. Our sharp focus on business users really hit the mark,” said Oliver Frese, the Deutsche Messe Managing Board member in charge of CeBIT, at the closing press conference on Friday. “25 billion euros worth of business have been negotiated here at CeBIT, up by as much as 25 percent over last year’s figures.” Codespring and its fellow exhibitors from the RomaniaIT stand, appreciate CeBIT 2014 as a more target-oriented event, finely filtering the type of visitors attending the show.


Codespring at IBA / CeBIT 2014

push your business 2014_smallCodespring is proud to support RomaniaIT’s moment at the CeBIT IBA 2014International Business Arena Forum in Hall 6. Scheduled for the 11th March 2014, at 14:00 p.m. Romania will be represented by ANIS (The Employers’ Association of Software and Services Industry from Romania), Stefanini Romania (Bucharest) and Codespring (Cluj-Napoca). Our common goal is to inform the audience about the country’s potential on delivering technical excellence in ITC, valuable services in the innovation, research and development field and to highlight the main software development and outsourcing poles in Romania.


Meet you at CeBIT 2014!

Three days left until the Official Opening of CeBIT 2014. The world’s leading IT show and conference for professionals, will be open to business professionals between the 10th and 14th of March 2014, in Hannover. Romania will attend the show with a national pavilion situated in Hall 6, stand C50. A total of 15 exhibitors will present their expertise and capabilities in software development and outsourcing in order to establish new partnerships and cooperation.


Special Talks with Valerica Dragomir – Executive Director, ANIS

Valerica DragomirI have personally met Ms. Valerica Dragomir at one of Romania’s presence at CeBIT – The world’s most important business IT event. Always positive and energetic, Valerica has been an active promoter of ANIS (The Employers’ Association of Software and Services Industry from Romania) initiatives to promote Romania on the global software development and IT services map.

Valerica has been part of ANIS team since 2001 and she has been appointed Executive Manager since 2005. She has been involved in the strategic planning of all the events organized by ANIS –, Business Club ANIS, IT Café, the Romanian participation at CeBIT Hanover (since 2005) – and all the other projects of the Association.


MWC 2014: Smartphones, Tablets, Phablets and Smartwatches

Sony Xperia Z2 and smartwatchCodespring team has been for two days already at the Mobile World Congress 2014, the place where all the mobile magic happens!

Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Nokia, Huawei revealed their latest devices and innovations. A distinct and exotic appearance is the Yota team from Russia.

In the mobile landscape we also remarked the Romanian team from Allview sliding in with its latest devices. Find out more in the following lines.

Samsung at MWC 2014

Samsung’s event “Unpacked 5” held on the 24th of February 2014 revealed the so much expected Samsung Galaxy S5. With a 5.1-inch Full HD Super AMOLED screen Samsung Galaxy is water- and dust-resistant. It is equipped with a quad-core Krait 2.5GHz chipset, with 2GB of RAM and a 2800mAh battery.  Samsung considers that Samsung Galaxy S5 camera is the “strongest on the market”, working a 16MP sensor capable of shooting 4K video, with background refocus, real time HDR and a 0.3s capture rate. There’s also a 2.1MP snapper on the front of the handset. The esthetics are appealing: colors like “Charcoal Black”, “Shimmery White”, “Electric Blue” and “Copper Gold” will be available. The market release is set for April 2014.


Big Data: Are We Ready For It?

Big Data _are we ready for it_Codespring 2014Certainly, most of us are already used to provide basic data, to handle some data, to gather specific data, to share data, to analyze data or to interpret data.  Suddenly, we have just realized that the unit measure of the data handled in a given amount of time reaches the order of exabytes.  This data is not only big in volume, but is also extremely diverse and it moves at incredible speeds.

What about the information in the Data? Who can have access to it? What can they do with it? – These are just some of the questions arising when speaking about Big Data.

Getting mobile, switching to the cloud, being active on the social media – all these behaviors engender creation, sharing and circulation of data. At this point, we doubt our understanding of the implications of this phenomenon and we will try to highlight some aspects related to it.


Developers’ Focus at Mobile World Congress 2014

Codespring at mobile world congress 2014Three days left until the mobile world will immerse in one of its finest yearly events: The Mobile World Congress 2014, 24-27 February 2014, Barcelona, Spain. The Codespring software engineers team is welcoming you at the Romanian Pavilion, Hall 6 stand 6H40, booth 3. 


Codespring Company Papers: 11th edition

Codespring Company Papers_cover jan 2014 Codespring invites you to grasp ideas, fresh insights and concepts from our latest edition of Codespring Company Papers. Since the beginning of this publication we have been trying to cover interesting topics from the software world, to bring accurate information about our little yet active ITC hub and to showcase diverse solutions that we have put in place with our partners and customers. This time we focus on highlighting Cluj and Romania as an innovation seedbed. 


Datacolor Launches Novel Color Calibration System for Microscopy

datacolor_logo_smDatacolor®, a global leader in color management solutions, announced the launch in the U.S. of Datacolor ChromaCal™, a first-of-its-kind system that enables scientists to establish and preserve the color integrity of their digital transmitted brightfield microscopy images.  The system is available for sale through EMS (Electron Microscopy Sciences, Hatfield, PA), the exclusive distributor of Datacolor ChromaCal in the United States.


iSpeedCam for Android is out!

iSpeedCam logoGood news for Android fans: iSpeedCam – the most advanced Speed Camera alert system is now available for Android too! iSpeedCam version 1.0.5 for Android is available both in free and full version and it is international. It handles various types of speed cameras, speed limits in metric and imperial unit systems, and a map feature using Google Maps enhanced with track recording, provided you have internet connection (!) and it issues various statistics about your routes. As most radar detectors draw your attention too late about speed camera systems, iSpeedCam might be your ultimate companion to avoid costly speed tickets.


2014 Cluj Innovation Days

ClujIT Innovation Days 2014Between the 20 and 21st of March 2014, ClujIT community welcomes its members and guests to the 2nd edition of Cluj Innovation Days.  This year the event is structured in three main sections: Master Innovation, Fostering Entrepreneurship and Showcasing Innovation. The event will be hosted by the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medecine, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. As a founder member of CLUJ IT, Codespring is delighted to share with you more information about the upcoming event and the community.


Industrial Mobile Applications at MWC 2014

Codespring at mobile world congress 2014Two weeks until the top mobile industry event of the year – Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, Spain. (24-27 February 2014). As previously announced Codespring’s Mobile Development Team will attend the event along with our peer Romanian industry delegates. Hop in at the Romanian Pavilion, Hall 6 stand 6H40 and find out more about our skills and capabilities.


2014 Online Facelift

Codespring steps in spring 2014 with a fresh stylish look! Inspired by our latest motto: “Let’s win the race together!” and by our governing concept: “fine-tuning” – the new graphic line has distinctive marine shades and outlines. And yes, there is a little story behind the facelift! Check it out now:


Romanian Outsourcing Index

Romanian Outsourcing Index Cover 2013_by ANIS

In the 4th quarter of 2013, ANIS – The Employers’ Association of the Software and Services Industry in Romania has launched the first edition of the “Romanian Outsourcing Index”.  The catalogue is a collection of outsourcing companies profile from Romania, namely members of ANIS. In addition, the opening chapters also resume a few interesting facts about the market and its geographical distribution across Romania.

With IT exports led by software outsourcing companies and R&D centers, our advocacy efforts go in assisting these companies in growing their business and expanding their potential, as we are  looking forward to a high-value added services and product-based software industry” declares Mr. Andrei Pitiş – ANIS President.