IMG_597712.12.2014: A nice winter Friday that turned into a nice Christmas tale… Inspired by the white snow, the glittery snowflakes, the joyful Christmas songs and the remembrance of our childhood winter games, this year we gave our Christmas party a frozen style theme. Being an event where Codespring teams tries to bring together local traditions and a modern look, we were glad to assist to a carefully chosen suite of special little moments.

A nice white and icy blue reception, with freeze-like drinks welcomed us in the evening. For our little guests’ delight, a snowman that recalled the famous Frozen animated movie tale joined the party. He afterwards was nicknamed “Lajos”. Soon after the reception, the children enchanted us with a moment in honor of Saint Lucia, who brings light on each 13th of December.

IMG_5995Another funny thing is that according to old folklore the night between the 12th and the 13th of December was a dangerous night as sorcerers and other dark characters were lurking around. Even the animals were said to be able to speak to humans. Should one be prepared for such a night with good work and merry thoughts, the next day and time period will be of good harvest and joy. And so we did!

Christmas carols with beautiful little voices enchanted us, as the children performed the program they have carefully prepared a day before. This moment is really dear to us as we see children growing from year to year and improving their singing performance.

Later on, the cold rock band Monyo Project rocked the house with their live performance. Founded in 1999, the band had its own road to success and they are still climbing up the rocks of stardom. We enjoyed the authentic sound and the original compositions of Monyo Project delivered in such a closed doors set-up. It is a special feeling to have live artists as guests to our event, as Christmas is a time where genuine experiences win the stage.

What if each star had its own story? At Codespring Christmas Party 2014 they had.

Codespring Christmas Stars_smallThe same as each star has its shining peak, each team member had her/his moment in this special evening. Each of us had to write on her/his own star the funniest story that happened for her or him at Codespring. From these tiny funny stories we had a nice Christmas tale around the Christmas tree…! Usually what makes us laugh we also do remember. Hopefully, in time, this also will be a funny memory that will last.

Soon after, Monyo Project took over the stage again and the party went on until morning.

Thank you everybody for being present and we hope to have another successful year ahead!