Codespring Travel Expertise

Codespring has been developing expertise with travel companies while providing customized software development services. The pressure to obtain passenger loyalty, customer satisfaction and have state- of-the art booking systems pushes travel organizations (agencies, transportation companies) to constantly improved their operations. Our preparedness consists in ready-to-action program engineers and specialists. Operational efficiency, flexibility and commitment towards customer satisfaction will decide who are the winners in the industry. These three goals can be attained only with the support of a highly performant software which will be able to respond to all operational tasks from the front-line to the back office.

iSpeedCam project: iSpeedCam is an advanced Traffic Enforcement Camera Detector System developed for the iPhone. It handles different types of traffic cameras, metric and imperial speed limits, has fully editable speed camera database, map feature with track recorder, statistics and Google Map integration.

With iSpeedCam we have used iPhone specific development tools, like iPhone SDK, Cocoa-Touch, Objective C and Xcode with Mac OS X, as well as universal metodologies, like Iterative development, Object Oriented Modeling with UML, Quality Records, etc. The web development is ongoing with the Java Persistence API (JPA), Google Web Toolkit (GWT), Vaadin framework and more.