Software Outsourcing: Cluj is the top location in Romania to do it. Should you wonder why to contract your software outsourcing to Cluj or what makes Cluj a distinctive choice for software outsourcing? Cluj-Napoca is the top software outsourcing export hub of Romania: >1300 ITC companies, with about 16000 software engineers that serve Fortune 500 business partners.

Software outsourcing is an effective alternative to consider. Due to its two decades of expertise in software outsourcing, Codespring redefined its approach: fine-tuning outsourcing is the engine of our delivery model. The established software outsourcing process delivers: business Process know–how and expertise and software development know-how and tested practices.

The Software Outsourcing Process

Following the key steps of software development, software outsourcing may be done entirely or by stage. Codespring team has a vast experience with working on software outsourcing projects with global customers and is ready to provide support and service at any stage of your project.

Business Requirement Analysis

Cluj software team

Business Requirement Analysis reveals what the imagined system will have to perform. It includes user’s needs in terms of functional, physical, interface, performance, data and security requirements. The user requirements document will guide the system designers in the architecture design phase. The user’s acceptance tests will also be designed at this stage. A 360° analysis of user requirements is performed in our software outsourcing center.

Use Case Analysis

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A Use Case Analysis is undertaken to determine the requirements of the software process. The software will be rigorously described. The use case diagram includes user characteristics – also known as „functional requirements” and general constraints – also known as „non-functional requirements”. These specifications will serve as governing document of the project. The software outsourcing team will align use case scenarios to objective possibilities.


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Estimation is a pivotal stage to follow. It is an unbiased, analytical process to predict the duration and cost of a software outsourcing project. Calculated approximation will contain details regarding project size, technology effort, human resources, risks and business continuity, all relevant points for the success of the project. Estimation aims to provide a useful tool so that the software outsourcing team can predict the duration and cost of your software outsourcing project.

Architecture Design

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Architecture design or „software architecture” is a high-level design and it is an abstract representation of the system. It is challenged by the need to meet requirements of the product, while also allowing that future requirements be addressed. The list of modules, functionalities, interface relationships, dependencies, database tables, architecture diagrams, technology details and other will be generated. The software outsourcing architecture design unit will always guide you through the selection of different architecture designs.


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The software outsourcing team follows an established schedule for the programming activities. C#, C++ (.Net), Java or Objective C development may be outsourced to the team. We cover most desktop applications, mobile and web development areas. Mastering various technologies and development models, our software outsourcing services reveal as the right cost / efficiency combination.


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Integration certifies that software meets the requirements it was intended for. It is the process that joins together new features and functionalities. It may also complete new subsystems into one functional system and ensure that the newly introduced enhancements comply together and function seamlessly. Integration confirms that the product, as provided, will fulfill its’ desired use.


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Testing is an important part of the software development process. It ensures that bugs and inconsistencies are early recognized at this stage. It verifies that the software has been correctly built. Testing may be done at different levels: unit testing, integration testing, system testing, user acceptance testing. Thus the dynamic testing process is completed and eventually all potential errors or deviations are being solved. For these operations we can use internal testing teams, sourced testers and users’ staff – the personnel that will effectively work with the software.


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Error correction, capability enhancements and optimization are key concerns. Maintenance starts only after delivery, but it is a good idea, to develop the software in a way that it is prepared for maintenance after delivery. This assumes thinking ahead to design, develop and maintain a software system in a way that will foster modification and will minimize the impact of various changes resulting from changing environments. In order to achieve customer satisfaction, Codespring’s team delivers software outsourcing based on procedures and quality standards that provide adequate technical maintenance. We can offer solutions on a constant contract basis, including a monthly fee or a system rewarding punctual technical interventions.