Cloud development with Codespring refers to the specific software application development deployed on application platforms as a service, cloud-enabled application platforms (CEAP) or infrastructure as a service. Cloud development considers the principle of sharing resources in order to achieve business efficiency and economies of scale. Within this model, the customers can access technology services, such as computing power, storage, and databases, on an as-needed basis.

Why Choose Cloud Development?

From Codespring development experience for different customers in various industries, we have learned that independently of the organizational size and type, the recent progress of cloud technologies brings a set of major benefits. That is why in the past decade we have encouraged all our customers to embrace the cloud and gain understanding of the available cloud solutions and cloud services. Engineers from key economic sectors work together with software development engineers, system administrators and cloud experts to establish the appropiate cloud tools and environments.

Cost Savings

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One of the first material benefits the cloud development brings to each beneficiary is the cost saving. Instead of investing in data centers and physicals servers to run your systems and applications, now you can direct that important budget to other business areas and their expenditures, paying only the IT resources that the company consumes. In this way, organizations can observe large economies of scale and achiever lower variable costs.

Increased Agility

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The cloud development model opens the road to a vast array of technologies. Depending on your business and project, you will be able to access and contract resources as the project requires: infrastructure, storage, computing power, databases, IoT resources, ML tools, analytics tools and so on.  Making a cloud development project with us will translate in more freedom to innovate and access the transformational power of technology.

Greater Elasticity

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Over the years, Codespring experts have concluded that the cloud development model is for sure the best to fit your actual business capacity. Why bother with provisioning, when you can actually grow or diminish IT systems resources in an elastic manner by accessing them in the cloud. Expanding or downsizing resources promptly allows the business to quickly adapt to its market trends.

Prompt Global Deployment

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Having access to infrastructure and services that are globally available, your business will gain acces to new territories and your software applications will be deployed across the world in a matter of minutes.  From our work with cloud development we have learned that user experience significantly increased when deploying closer to their physical location. Well serviced users mean happy customers, therefore business growth.

Understanding Cloud Architecture

We are often asked, how does a cloud system architecture differ from the on-premise architecture? Simply put, cloud development implies four cloud components: cloud platforms, cloud infrastructure, cloud storage and cloud services.

Challenges of Cloud Development

The main discussion whether choosing cloud environments over on-premise environment surges around the following topics:

  • system and data control
  • system and data security
  • deployment
  • cloud resources cost
  • software compliance.

Cloud Computing Deployment Models

Codespring recommends the deployment model according to the specific needs of the customers. The most used cloud deployment models are:

  • Private cloud: for a single organization, managed and hosted internally or externally
  • Public cloud: infrastructure and services accessed via subscriptions or freely via the public internet
  • Hybrid cloud: mixing elements of private and public cloud environments

Cloud Technologies Used By Codespring

Cloud Platforms:
Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud

Programming Languages:
Java Script, TypeScript, GO, Python, Java, C#

Infrastructure as a code:
Ansible, Terraform, Shell

Cloud Orchestration:
Kubernetes , Openshift, Rancher, Docker

Cloud Tech:
Serverless applications, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Beats, Kafka, Event Grid, Prometheus, Grafana.