One of the rising outsourcing models here at Codespring, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania is the managed teams model. Due to the higher responsibility that the provider takes in front of the often specialize customers – such as another tech company or department, the managed teams model is accessible to the few who have the expertise and skill set to deliver software development under this model.

What makes it interesting for the managed teams, as you will discover while working with Codespring, is that the customer formulates the project needs and requirements but lets the outsourcing software development team to self-manage and organize in order to deliver according to the agreed expectations.

The top benefits of the managed teams model

Managed teams have proven to bring an impressive set of benefits to software development customers.

Innovation and Transformation

A dedicated team able you keep up with technology trends, digital innovation and business process transformations will be able to deliver the right solutions to keep your own business ahead of the competition.

High Availability

The best thing about outsourcing your software development projects to an outsourcing company capable to work as a self-managed team is that they deliver uninterrupted software development services.


A managed team will be able to scale up and down the size of the team according to the needs of the software development project. Often this would be difficult or event impossible to achieve within your own business organization.

Relevant options

Managed teams have multiple talents and skills. Hiring an outsourced software development team gives you access to both tech expertise and experience.

Flexible work frames

An important aspect to consider is that work flexibility on your project may need deadlines adjustments, team size dimensioning and infrastructure scalability and availability. In general, non-specialized organizations cannot provide all the above, that is why managed teams work best in such cases.

Knowledge Retention

While working with a managed team for a software development project, you will find out that they are very attentive to writing and keeping up to date the project documentation. With this at hand, project knowledge will be kept and made available for future colleagues.


When contracting a managed team to handle your software development project, you will quickly learn that they are set up for making your business strive. You will benefit of a customized offer that fits your requirements and helps you get to the next level of your business.

Continuous Integration

Managed teams work exceptionally well with adding new features to the application and refining the existing ones, in order to provide high-quality software. It is their raison d’etre and that is why managed teams continuously integrate new features getting your business ready for the next step.

Enhanced Collaboration

Managed teams always keep the customer in focus and collaborate with customer teams to achieve the project’s goals and meet expectations. Common brainstorming, planning and evaluation are standard procedures when working with a managed team.

Increased Control

Due to the fact that the outsourcing customer can work directly with highly skilled professionals across the requested disciplines involved in the software development process, a better control of overall resources is achieved.

Hoping that all the above made you curious about working on a managed team model with Codespring, you are welcome to write us about your future software development project.