Offshore and Romania has become a torque of the software offshoring map. Today, to offshore in Romania is an activity well tested by some of the largest software development companies in the world. There are a few important traits that must be taken into consideration when designing an offshore project in Romania.

Why offshore? Why Romania? If the outsourced process is being delivered in a different country, other than the mother’s company origin country, even while keeping the teams under the same company (!), we will speak about „offshoring”. The main advantage of offshoring system is tax benefit. In addition to this we can also count on reduced infrastructure costs, team flexibility, lean processes, quality insurance and contract liabilities. Some of the issues that might arise are: less accessibility on site and, probably, different culture and time zone.

Offshore in Romania means locational advantage: Romania is the 9th largest country in the EU, hosting the 7th population size in the EU and is situated at the crossing of 3 pan European transport corridors, holding the Eastern border of the inland European Union and at the turning point where EU meets the Balkans and CIS countries.

Offshore in Romania brings talented people, well-spoken languages and elite education. Romanian student teams constantly reach top rankings at the International Informatics and Mathematics contests (currently holding 1st place in the EU).  Romanians speak easily German, English, French, Italian, or Spanish.

Third, offshore in Romania equals business efficiency: client companies for offshoring software activities in Romania praise process efficiency, cost reduction, process efficiency, cost reduction, process quality, improved service, and focus on core business, talent development and tax benefits.

Active player in the industry, Codespring has experienced different types of collaboration with its customers. Offshoring is a milestone for any outsourcing company willing to step in the mature phase. Codespring has its own way of dealing with cultural differences and potential communication gaps. We are intensely preparing teams and members for cultural sensitiveness and ways to cope with cultural shocks.