Infrastructure as Code (IaC), in Romania, Cluj, is an essential DevOps practice and is commonly used in tandem with CI (continuous delivery) practices. In the DevOps culture, infrastructure as code is the highway for greater development speed, lower maintenance costs and increased reliability.

Infrastructure as Code allows complex project orchestration, remote execution for any infrastructure, and configuration management for applications. The key principle is that when environment or version changes are needed to be done, in the IaC approach we go editing directly the source, not the target environment.

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The main benefits of deploying Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with Codespring

As one of the foundations of DevOps practices, infrastructure as code brings a set of major business and technical benefits to any software development project. In essence, your business organization will gain speed, will spend less and will lower the risks associated to human produced errors.

Continuous and Effective Testing

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With IaC, all DevOps teams are capable to test software applications in production-like environments at the beginning of the development cycle, being prompt on detecting errors.

On Demand  and At Scale Environments

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With IaC – Infrastructure as Code, software development teams can assure multiple test environment reliably and at scale.

Higher Deployment Velocity

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Infrastructure deployments with IaC are reproducible and intercept potential problems due to configuration drifts or misplaced dependencies. That is why, IaC assures a shorter deployment time, increasing the speed of this process.

Enhanced Collaboration

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Implementing IaC allows DevOps teams to work with common practices and tools in order to deliver software applications and their related infrastructures. This turns into a more effective and in-depth team collaboration.

Low Maintenance Costs

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One of the undoubtful benefits of implementing Infrastructure as Code is the economy that it brings to the business. Removing the manual operations, teams are able to focus on actual development and not on configuring infrastructure resources.

Reduced Risks

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Automated infrastructure eliminates a great deal of potential human errors, resulting in decreased downtime and higher reliability.

IaC – Infrastructure as Code Tools

At Codespring we have been using IaC (infrastructure as Code) tools as they evolved, always analyzing the best solution for each software development project. Automating infrastructure has been an old concern fot many customers, that is why our DevOps engineers are thrilled to work with the latest infrastructure automation technologies and platforms.



Salt Stack

Azure Resource Manager

AWS CloudFormation