Codespring B2B Logistics Expertise

Business to Business logistics are crucial for transaction integrated solutions. Codespring grew its experience in the field by providing software development services for major players in the industry. One slice of the coding expertise relies on the integration of external and internal processes between different application systems and business partners. Codespring team proves to be the ideal IT engineer team to carry out international projects in a quick and reliable manner. An exclusive client dedicated team focuses on the applications delivering the contracted project always on time. The B2B logistics industry has considerably developed in the last decade, currently promoting various business models. New payments systems, new transportation systems and new sector integration methods strongly affect the way of designing specific software. Working with software development international teams brings in more expertise and a global view.

LSProfessional: The software addresses the automotive industry needs. It is a web application for the automobile supply sector. The system kernel supports order handling, distribution management and bookkeeping functionalities. In doing so, it takes full account of the full range of order and distribution peculiarities found in the automobile manufacturing sector. Further modules are available for warehouse administration, scheduling, and JIT and EDL handling. The software supports interfaces for exchanging data with VDA, ODETTE and EDIFACT. Its modular architecture allows it to be configured precisely to each company’s unique needs. Its graphical user interface supports a wide range of languages.