Codespring Education Expertise

Education systems and tools changed dramatically in the past decade. In the spirit of the time, Codespring overtook the responsibility of developing some software used in education organizations management. The work deals mainly with processing and storing personal data and information about students and teachers. Communication of official documents and automated data analysis were another concern.

Education currently faces the effect of a quicker pace of learning and sharing information. Students are taught not how to store and use, but how to search, find and use information. Many active learning applications are being developed, challenging the visual and motric abilities of any student. Definitely education systems are to be redefined in the coming half of century.

The KPIOR is an application manager system. It includes a well-defined security level for the stored information. The information about candidates and their work as well as the application data is stored in a database. This application works as a filing system, stores the professors’ academic performances for example publications, conferences, exhibitions, patents, etc. The research and fellowship application considered by external experts and the Scientific Council decides about the awarding of grants.