Codespring Media & Entertainment Industry Expertise

Digital technologies and the major shift of media systems from the „mass-target” to the „individual-target” radically forced software developers to adapt and re-adapt technologies used. Codespring enrolled in the software developments for the media & entertainment sector by implementing solutions for professional products and systems for digital broadcasts and IPTV, (encoding, live streaming, on-demand streaming). The New Media has its own characteristics. Codespring engineers and web developers and programmers have solid experience in building different applications from scratch. The „Digital Age” brought a new breed of competitors. Companies and businesses in the media and entertainment sector have to light-speed turn their concepts and work-flows for this new era. International „nests” of „digital creatives”, „digital experts” are blooming. Codespring team is one of them.

The iCueTM Streaming System is a full fladged streaming platform with a wide range of applications in video surveillance,  digital business TV, telemedicine, etc. Being a digital video server (near-real time system), we are continuously fighting with hardware performance, processor usage, network bandwidth and hard disk throughput. In order to achieve the best performance, Codespring used C++ and the windows API for low level network IO, disk operations and video content indexing and DCOM for interprocess communication. To speed up development time, higher level modules have been developed in C#.