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On the 14th of November 2014 Codespring team buckled up and went on our traditional yearly company trip. This time we headed towards Sovata Resort, a location in Transylvania that distinguishes itself by the richness of natural resources. Along with our families and friends, the weekend was total bliss: adventure, outdoor games, SPA and … casting the ballot. We enjoyed once again the reunion of all teams, the good spirit that an outdoor escape induces and that special feeling of being part of a greater family. 

Emporium SPA

Sovata is renown at European level since 1850 for its heliothermal and salty waters, especially Ursu Lake (The Bear Lake). The heliothermic phenomenon is quite rare: the salty lake is being covered by a layer of fresh water formed due to rainfall; since the salty water and the fresh water do not mix, the fresh water remains on the surface acting as a thermic insulator; as a consequence, the water temperature varies according to the solar heat built-up in the salty water.

Upon our arrival on Friday evening, we were glad to relax at the hotel’s elegant SPA: Finnish sauna, Turkish bath, cold and hot Kneipp baths, immersion pool, ice basin, swimming pool, kids’ pool, Jacuzzis and relaxing pools. After a delicious dinner we spent the night chatting and tasting wines.

photo 63Saturday morning we followed the “Salt Road” up to Tivoli Lake. A welcoming reception from our outdoor activities guides boosted our energy level for the day! We split in teams and we were ready for the takeoff. The challenging aerial rope courses in the adventure park warmed us up. The 400 m flying fox across the Tivoli Lake rocked the adventure activity! Thus, one can understand that sometimes you have to sail through the waters and sometimes you just have to fly above them.

Surrounded by splendid autumn scenery, we were guided in the forest where new outdoor games were awaiting. On the occasion we found more on how can we enhance the overall team communication and use the members’ individual skills in order to solve various situations. Forced by the circumstances we all let out our Bond-ish skills to take over. With adrenalin running through our veins, we reunited around the SPA and Wellness center to cool down.

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Sundays are great for making the choice to take the chance that will attract change.  Therefore, after a refreshing morning in the health and wellness area, we casted the ballot for the next 5 years mandate. It was a manifestation of good citizenship and of the will for a better future.

As a closing word, it was a real pleasure having the Codespring teams reunited and we thank our HR maven for organizing this special event.

Thank you all for attending the Codespring company trip in 2014 and we hope to meet again in the same formula – plus reinforcements – in 2015!